In flight

Birdsong Two is this Friday and Saturday!  I'm already on the road but scheduled a couple of posts for while I'm away!
One of my favorite parts of going to one of these art weekends is seeing friends again, and it's so wonderful when you can spend time with people who "get" you and love the same things you love!  I had a super great time rummaging through all my stash and putting together some gifts for friends -- wanna see?
I made these 5 ephemera packs; first, I sewed together some 12x12 scrapbook pages into little folders, and decorated them with lace;
I used the paper from a piano roll, which I cut into heart shapes, and stamped with a really sweet bird stamp.  Then each one got a vintage millinery flower and a vintage stencil with the first initial of the friend who was getting it.
Then I made a little button card for each package, and a tag that to hold some pretty vintage crochet lace and a vintage brooch; I chose brooches reminded me of birds/feathers/cages.
Then I went through my ephemera and I think I got a little carried away...
everyone got a long piece of ledger paper from 1920...
and an assortment of other great ephemera, like vintage wallpaper, a greeting card, a page from a bird identification book...
and vintage playing cards, a 100 year old postcard with a bird on it, and an antique photo album paper frame.
I made several packages and tucked it all into the pockets of the paper folders I made.
Oh my gosh, I had so much fun putting these together!  I hope you liked seeing them!

One of these days I need to make some for my Etsy shop; do you think they would sell, or is there too much competition for ephemera packs already?
Next up: swaps!


Dee in N.H. said…
Wishing you the bestest weekend!!!! I absolutely love your gifts that you made and I would absolutely buy a kit like that! Just looking at it made me want to run for my room! LOL! Anyway, have a great weekend!
luverlie said…
what fun! wonderful packages.
Lisa said…
Oh Laurie ~ thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful ephemera packet. I just *love* it!
So great to see you again this year at Birdsong Two and get to spend some time together. I would love if you could come to Oklahoma and spend some time here junking and crafting. We could invite Terri and your friend from OKC and have the best time. Think about it! ;)

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