It's Birdsong Two week!

You already know how excited I am to be traveling to Karla's Cottage for Birdsong Two; my buddy and I are leaving a couple of days early so that we can stop and go junque shopping all along the way and still arrive the day before the event and get settled!
But please keep visiting, as I have scheduled a bunch of posts throughout the weekend while I'm away!
I ordered these fabulous bird temporary tattoos for us Colorado chicks to sport while we're at Karla's!
Yesterday I spent some time packing gifts for Karla's granddaughters...
I can see Sugarwings in this frothy little vintage apron!
I added some tin tea party supplies, and the sweetest little animal-cracker sized cookie cutters!
For her baby sister -- an age-appropriate kitten-in-a-cupcake!  I couldn't resist it!
I wrapped up surprises for others I will be seeing, as well!  I love giving gifts, don't you?
In other vintage-y goodness news, I picked up a grab bag in the craft section of a favorite thrift store and hit vintage millinery payload!
It's not super old, but I love all of it and I will be having so much fun!   There were some other cool things in the bag, too, like little butterfly appliques, beaded ribbon...
and all kinds of fabric trim, too -- including this one with crazy four legged creatures in pink, on blue!
I picked up a few other thrifty finds last week, too, like the vintage planter with cool 'bubbles' above, and the heavy tulip dish in front of it.  I think those two wells in the dish are egg-cups -- what do you think?
Practical: a made-in-the-USA iron rest -- tin with canvas backing; I need this for my son who is still learning to iron, ahem.
Some fun vintage fabrics: soft old velvet on the left, and thick lavender tulle on the right.
Beautiful woven ribbon, new in the package!
A cute trio of bunnies embroidered onto tiny cotton coasters.  I found a bunch more stuff that will soon show up in my vintage shop -- I'll let you know when I've added new stuff!

Joining in here at Her Library Adventures -- go visit for more fun thrifty finds!


andrea creates said…
such great goodies! love the temporary tattoos too~
i found some fun buttons at a flea market this weekend~always fun :)
What fun finds. The backing on the iron rest isn't canvas, it's asbestos which was commonly used back then. Still useful just don't mar it in anyway as asbestos isn't good for you. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures away, when you get back!
LuLu Kellogg said…
Have a wonderful time my dear!!

HI! I'm Tabitha said…
those millinery are a super find...i need to get my but to CO if the thrift stores have such amazing things...
Suz said…
You are soooo generous. I would love to be your swap partner sometime ;-)
I know you will have a great time again. I hope she does a third one and I will come for sure!
Have a good time,
Such fun finds, as always! Maybe I'll make it up there someday.

Have a wonderful trip!
Linda said…
tattoos-what a fun idea. If you decide to list the velvet in your shop-put me first on the list please.
Unknown said…
I hope you have a ton of fun! Going early and junking sounds fabulous! Can't wait to hear about your trip!
Anonymous said…
You are such a generous soul, always giving gifts to others. And wow, you really hit a treasure of crafting supplies! Hugs to you sweetie.
Thank you, Laurie! The girls loved their gifts, Sugarwings has a party planned for Mother's Day so she can make tiny little cookies for her mom with the animal shapes!
Unknown said…
you show such beautiful stuff Laurie...I go through your posts backwards and I just ooh and ahh over everything.

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