Birdsong Two swaps

At Birdsong Two we exchanged our swaps so I can show you what I made:
This is for the banner swap I hosted; we were in groups of 4 and each making a different letter to spell out the word "SING"; I had the letter "I".
I had two little plastic flower pots that I cut in half, then mounted on a beautiful old doily that I got from my friend Terri; I filled it with straw, a pretty speckled egg, and vintage millinery flowers.  The "I" is that coiled spring -- and in the background, a page from an antique Hans Christian Anderson book.
On the reverse: vintage wallpaper pieces, and an old tag from a mill in Kansas.
We won't have time to assemble the banner at Birdsong Two, so I gave everyone suggestions/instructions to do it at home and made up these little gift bags for them to transport their banner pieces in.  I decorated each bag with a bird stamped onto a page of an antique poem book, and some trim and a button.
I personalized a little tag for everyone's bag; on the reverse of the tag is the list of the 4 gals in their swap group.
We also did a matchbox swap; here's the front of the one I made.  It's a bit "frothier" and more pastel than I usually do!
Here's the bottom...and the inside:
I made a little mini matchbox for the inside, too...
I filled the inside with fun little matchbox-sized gifts:
Here's what it looked like when it was all stuffed in there!
Matchbox swaps are always so much fun!


Vintage Jane said…
Wow, I am in awe of the beautiful little things that you make and the effort that goes into them. Just gorgeous! M x
Lisa said…
Thank you so much for hosting the Banner Swap! I can't wait to put mine together and hang it in my office.
I love your matchbox - I missed knowing who decorated each one. Last year it was such a pleasure to watch each person swap and then pass them around. Next year we'll have to suggest we do it that way again.
Dee in N.H. said…
Wow, there must have been some happy gasps when these treasure were revealed!
Linda said…
the banner "i" just screams Spring-so cheerful. a matchbox inside the matchbox-cute idea. lots of details and look how it turned out.
Anonymous said…
Everything is so delightful, Laurie!
Bunty said…
Sorry I'm very late in commenting Laurie - I have been a bit "in-communicado" for a while, though have followed your posts.. The whole Birdsong extravaganza looked fabulous and you are so lucky to be able to attend such events in the US! All your posts are lovely and the swaps, goodies and shopping exciting!

Glad you had fun.

Barbara x

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