Some thrifty vintage finds for your viewing pleasure

I found this sweet round tin with a charming vintage image -- it originally held candy and I think it is adorable, even with rust and scratches!
Do you love vintage celluloid albums like I do?  This one is so cheery with its red cover, its serene architectural scene...
and its black paper pages, with only one page 'used' -- with this pretty black and white postcard.
This reminded me of life in my grandmother's Victorian house in San's a pale mint green pipe/duct cover with a painted scene in the middle;
here's the reverse.
A beautiful piece of Noritake china...
and a kitschy kitchen scene!  I love the red-orange stripe around the middle.
Beautiful set of nut dishes, in pressed glass, for your night of cards!  Each dish is shaped like one of the suits.
Then, I found two vintage Bucilla black flocking pictures -- one is the Christmas tree shown, and it's long enough to cover most of a door, and the other is a likeness of "The Old Man of the Sea".  Has anyone ever seen these, or used them?  It seems they were to be decorated with liquid embroidery in the 90's.  But I think they would look much nicer if they were actually stitched.  I think they're going to go in my Etsy shop.
Some fun linens and a sweet vintage Mother's Day card -- knitting kitties!
Vintage Vera: this time, a really clean flat sheet, and a sweet old autumn-y scarf with the ladybug signature.
I've begun to pick these up whenever I see them; they are heavy plastic wall hangings that clean up very nicely!
I get a kick out of old Dennis the Menace -- since my husband's name is Dennis -- and so I had to grab this glass; it says, "Don't shout at me!  I'm not your husband!"  Yesterday I actually saw an old box of Dennis the Menace, unused paper cocktail napkins, and one of them matched this glass!  It was tough to pass them up!  The cup on the right is so cute -- made in England, it reads...
"More Tea, Vicar?"  It just made me giggle!
Last but not least, this diminutive little covered glass dish; it's about 3" in diameter.
Thanks for looking at all my junque!


Tami Hacker said…

You have the best thrift stores around you... great treasures!

Your last photo of the tiny glass covered dish is probably a single butter dish.. sweet thing.

Excited to see you soon!!
Hugs, Tami
Dee in N.H. said…
Ooooh! Nice Junque!
Susan said…
Neat stuff!! I never knew there was such a thing as that pipe/duct cover.
Now I'll know what it is if I ever spot one while treasure hunting!
Kathy said…
Great finds! Those photo corners on the postcard are interesting, I've never seen ones like that. Thank you for sharing your fun!
You find the coolest stuff! I'm green with envy.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Boy, did you bring back memories with that pipe duct cover!!! Nice!
autena said…
I love the bird wall hanging. it doesn't even look like plastic--more like plaster.
Tammy said…
So much great stuff, but I love the Dennis the Menace glass and the story to go with it!
Unknown said…
Those were some really good finds. My Great grandmother and aunts used to have those flue covers, I love that yours is minty green - one of my favorite shades. I want to go out so bad, but I'm trying to save my pennies for Italy...Thanks for sharing!

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