Shopping at the Colorado State Button Society's Annual Show

My husband took pity on my being cooped up ill for so long, so he drove me to Denver so I could see a bit of the Colorado State Button Society's annual show on Saturday!
It was a long drive for such a little bit of looking and shopping, but I really did enjoy going!

I had the chance to take a look at some of the winning "trays" of mounted buttons that had been judged the day before in their annual competition.
I took a few close-up photos of buttons I liked on the trays, but I have to apologize for the poor photo quality as it was very dark in the showroom, and I was using the camera on my phone.
These embellished mother of pearl buttons make me swoon!  I really think they are my very favorite type of buttons!  (Today, anyway!)
I was still pretty shaky on the day we went and tired easily.  But luckily, the button dealers always have a chair or two set up so people can sit and poke through boxes of button mixes, so I could conserve energy and shop for some treasures!  Arranged on the plate above is what I chose to bring home this time; most all of these buttons were just 25 - 50 cents each; one or two were $1.
Look at these chunky buttons that have been decorated with smaller, mother of pearl buttons!
I could look at these all day!
Colorful, chunky, pretty angles, and nice wear!
I got really hung up on the black and 'bubbly' shapes...
 This little lady is metal set over velvet backed with metal.
 Some fun and interesting colors and shapes...
Even though you can find fabulous antique buttons at the show, none of the ones I brought home are particularly valuable or noteworthy to anyone except me!  My husband told me I "looked so happy" when I was shopping for them!
What can I say?  Buttons just make me happy!
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LuLu Kellogg said…
Oh Laurie! My heart was just aflutter seeing all these pics!!! I would have been in button heaven there!

Thanks for posting all the button lovelies!

Becs said…
Hi Laurie. I did not know you have been sick. I sure hopeful get to feeling better. I just love your adventures. Those buttons are great. I never see anything like that around here. You have all the fun! Lol. Prayers for you feeling better. Becs
carol fun said…
Hope you're on the mend - those buttons should help perk you up a bit - I know they made me smile! Love the green one with the funky shape -it is too cool. Take care and rest-
Beth Leintz said…
Looks like Button Heaven- I love the lady on velvet and the funky green toggle button.
Oh How I wish I had been there, I Have never heard of a button show around Missouri?

I would have bought a few buttons myself. Once I paid $50. yes fifty dollars for a button , if my camera was better I would show you , it's a chinese button and silver metal. did I already tell you this ? senior moment? LOL

so glad you got to go


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