Button charm

The final swap I did for Birdsong Two was 16 charms which we sent ahead to the hostess so she could create a necklace for each of us.
I decided to create mine with buttons!  I used mother of pearl buttons, china buttons, glass buttons, metal buttons, and 16 matching, finely pressed medallion buttons.
I designed them into little dangles, or chandeliers, each with three different vintage buttons.
I added a beautiful antique glass aurora borealis bead that had belonged to my grandmother to each; and then used some Czech glass beads and some pearls for other elements.
It was a lot of fun, and gave me some good practice for bending findings which I will have put to good use at Birdsong Two, as one of the projects is a gorgeous necklace we build from scratch!

I can't wait to show you this finished charm necklace from the swap -- as well as the one I made at the event!
Here's a gift I made for Beth Leintz, one of the Birdsong Two teachers; she has a little terrier named Button..
so I thought this antique card with amber glass buttons was just perfect for her!  I framed it in an antique, velvet-backed frame.
I dug deep into some of my treasured buttons to make this card for Lisa McIlvain, another Birdsong Two teacher.  I didn't realize she loved buttons like she does, so I had to treat her!  The largest one on top is heavy metal with huge rhinestones -- it is swoonworthy!  I also included a clear glass shell-shaped button, and some choice old plastics, plus a heavy milk glass button with chipping gold paint.  The one at the very top is a very old crocheted silk button that was made to be fastened to a fur stole!

Stay tuned for photos and news from the event itself!


Lynn Holland said…
Great fun, great buttons. I bagsy the bottom one black with cream.
One I made earlier today
Lisa said…
Laurie, you are over the top generous! Love your charm and so happy that I participated in this one too.
Dee in N.H. said…
Can I just say WOW?! It's all gorgeous and I can't wait to see the whole necklace too!
What lovely charms you've created and the little terrier in the frame is adorable. What a cute name and so perfect with the little buttons.
Linda said…
love the charms. creative as well as beautiful.
Beth Leintz said…
Laurie, I just love my "Button" buttons. Thanks so much. What a fun weekend, so nice to see you again...(and yes, I was nervous before teaching...thats why I wanted to teach first)
g.a.s. art said…
Just joined your blog.What beautiful eye candy.I would love to be your swap partner any day. So glad I found your blog via Button Floozies.
Thanks g.a.s.
Wendy said…
Wow Laurie, looks like you had a lot of fun! And I just love your charms that you made, they are just beautiful!
Girl that is all gorgeous stuff, I would love to know how to bend those pins to add charms to it etc.

I know who ever gets those charms will be thrilled and i love all the buttons of course

I just seen your last two posts about all the button tags etc , I LOVE THEM , someday I am going to attend an event like that to learn how to make all the beautiful tags, necklaces, charms , etc oh the little match box is sooooooo cute


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