Creative gifting

You may recall Pam's project to provide journals for homeless in her area; I was happy to create one for the cause:
It was a lot like my usual journals; I did put in some extra, intentional inspiration, like this antique postcard which says, "All good wishes for a bright and happy future";
also this exhortation that time is a gift (a stamp that I have)...
 and a notecard that says, Write Your Own Story.
I like to imagine the person who might receive it and, with some luck, use it for good!

Here's a covered box that I created for my friend Terri; she has a blog and an Etsy shop by the name of Junque Seeker, so I used my favorite new collage technique to personalize it with that name.
I filled it with buttons!
I covered another box -- this time, a vintage jewelry box, for Tami, in honor of her brand new Etsy shop, Somerset Lane!
I put some fun vintage trinkets inside of Tami's box; in the future, I hope she fills it with vintage Treasures that she'll sell in Somerset Lane!
This little house is my latest, and I was so happy with it that I gave it to my husband;
it hangs in our bedroom over the spot where he keeps his watch and loose change, so he can see it every morning before he leaves for work.
This is wreath my pal Suzanne made for me last year; she encouraged me to add to it, and I finally did the other day, but putting on the outer layer of dictionary pages and a new bow!
I've also been making some snowmen; I'll show you those when they are finished!


Sandi McLean said…
Oh you have been busy! Everything is lovely. Your covered boxes remind me of the Victorian Autograph Albums. Winter wishes,
andrea creates said…
wow, so pretty!
happy holidays :)
Tami Hacker said…
These are all so wonderful! You know how much I LOVE my Somerset Lane jewelry box!!

Your Cherish Home art is so precious!
Beth Leintz said…
Wow you've been on a crafting roll- good for you- cute stuff!
Kathy said…
Oh Laurie, I don't know how you find the time. Love the journal!!
Unknown said…
I am delivering all my packages today. I have had so much going on with the gifting that I have just finally had a chance to breathe today. I have been working since Sunday and working! Thanks again, it is such a beautiful Journal. The womens shelter said this is the fullest year they have had yet.
I can't wait to see your snowmen, they look very interesting!
I LOVE my Junque Seeker case! You are most assuredly "gifted" in the arts area, and someone as generous as you deserves to be gifted by your friends. Enjoy!

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