By and by...

You know, it seems like everyone I've talked with today had a bad week last week.
I found this cute little guy irresistible at the Sparks flea market in Kansas.
He has some pretty good advice!

Let's all have a better week, y'hear?!

OH, AND: if you've been having trouble commenting on my blog lately, can you please take a moment and let me know?  You can email me here -, or click
on the email link on the right sidebar.

Thank you!


DVArtist said…
First great post. Love the doggie saying.
Second blogger has been having a lot of trouble the last few weeks.
Have a great week
That is one cute doggie! He sure has some wise words to share!
Jingle said…
I absolutely LOVE THIS!!!
Suz said…
Love that little dog, Laurie. May things get better for all of us!!!
Anonymous said…
What a perfect time to come across such an adorable piece with a much needed quote. I hope you are feeling better.

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