Thrift store finds in the new year

Did you ever find something that's so ugly, it's pretty?  That's how I feel about this plate with the lobster on it.

I really like the green border.  And the red guy makes me hungry for a trip to Maine!

I absolutely love the feel of these tiny salt and pepper shakers.  They feel, and have a pretty glaze like, some of the better potteries.

This pottery stein is going to be a favorite of mine forever.  It's purple, for one thing, and I've never found purple china in the thrift store before!

Whenever I see it at the antique store, I've been unable to afford it, despite loving it so much.

It's Royal Stafforshire, and pretty early.  I haven't had time to research the backstamp yet, though.
That pretty fabric in the background is one of two lovely card tablecloths I found a few weeks ago but left behind because they were too expensive.  I hated to leave them behind but obviously they were still there a couple of weeks later when they had gone down to half price!  This one looks like it's never been used, and I LOVE the purple and yellow and green feedsack print!

This second one is well used but look at that card suit ribbon!  I bought it for that alone, and am trying to think of how best to use it.

I also found the right Little Red Hen storybook that I love!

Such a great ending, and here again that fun era of illustration.  Looking at this photo, I think that another reason I love this story so much is because I, too, could sit down with a loaf of fresh-baked bread and eat it myself!!

Check out this ATC album I found at Goodwill -- I've never known there was such a thing!  (That's an Anna Griffin stencil on top of it -- she's my favorite, and I couldn't pass it up for .29 cents!)

Back to the album -- the inside of it has these cool slotted pages to display the ATCs.  I think I'll use it to hold bits and pieces of small ephemera, though!

Here are two more articles I wrote for, which I'd love for you to read:  Finding estate sales in Colorado Springs and Getting your treasures appraised free by experts.

Thank you for looking at my thrifty finds.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of yours where I'm linking up here:

Her Library Adventures


Christine said…
I love the lobster plate!!! What a fun find!
Donnie said…
Looks like you found some real treasures.
Angela said…
I like those little S&P shakers! Cute! I used to have a collection, in another life... :o)
Is that a new pic of you in your profile? It's a great pic! You look so happy!
Awesome that little red hen book and that "coastal" plate! Happy NTT!

Oh my goodness...great finds. I love the s&p and the lobster plate is too cute.
Anonymous said…
My favorite of your finds is the Little Red Hen book. A friend and I look so hard for one when our children were younger and it must be a book parents hold onto.
I don't think the lobster dish is ugly. What an unusual find in the purple stein!
You are starting the year with amazing finds.
Marion said…
OMG, I love the ATC album! Are you going to see it at Etsy? Girl, you find the best stuff. I'm going to get off my behind and go to Goodwill today to rummage through the treasures!

Alyssa said…
Wonderful finds! I really love the tablecloths. Wouldn't it be fun to have a game night with that card one on the table?
Anonymous said…
I love that Little Red Hen book! So fun!
Anonymous said…
You find the best stuff!!! I wish I could find things like this when I go rummaging!

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