A beautiful new year, a beautiful new day

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Even though temperatures are well below freezing today, and I'd only really been "cooped up" for two days, I just had to get out for a bit this morning.  We've been staying indoors because of slick, icy roads that have been causing scenes like this around town:

I was only gone for about 90 minutes but it was very refreshing.  1-1-11 was a gorgeous, bright blue day here in Colorado!

I thought I would share my calendar find for the new year.  I keep my main calendar in the kitchen, on the side of the refrigerator.  Every year I search for the perfect calendar, and the one I found this year, made by Dayspring, seems to be it:
It attaches to the refrigerator via a long, strong magnet at the top.  There's a slot on the front of the magnet which holds the calendar pages when they're flipped.

It also has this stationary legend at the far left of the calendar, for writing in each family member's name on a separate line; that way, you can organize their appointments/events on "their" line.

Underneath all the calendar pages, there's this pocket to hold papers.  Right now, it's full of the stickers that it came with to label events on the calendar.

Eventually, the calendar might get too heavy for the magnet strip if I make use of that pocket; so, there's also a tab to hold it up on a hook.  Pictured above the calendar, a super-strong magnet with a hook that I got from The Container Store.  (By the way -- The Container Store's having their once-a-year elfa sale right now.  I love that stuff!)

I really like my new calendar!  I think they thought of just about everything I need.  'Got it at Wal-Mart for $7.

Here's my latest sponsored article on examiner.com: Top 5 reasons to buy vintage lace and linen at the thrift store.  My sponsor, Cash & Cari, debuted today on HGTV here; it was really interesting -- Cari is super-organized, knows her stuff, and has really good help.  My kind of gal!

If you haven't already, check out all the great entries in Show us your Best Handmade of 2010.

I hope you're all having an awesome New Year's Day!


Marion said…
Great post, Laurie. I love your calendar! My refrigerator is so full of pictures, a new magnetic spice kit, magnetic poetry and dr. appointments that a calender would never fit. LOL! My younger daughter makes us family calendars each Christmas with her kids' photos and with everyone's birthdays on it. I hang it near my phone.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said…
I too, am a calendar fanatic and your makes me pee green with envy! It even has stickers??? Nice.

I keep one in my kitchen for hubby and me, 1 in my home office/dressing room/ craft area and one in my pocket book. Can a woman truly ever have enough calenders?
Suz said…
I love your new calendar. We got one from Paper Source and tried to hand it on our mirror with one of those Command hooks from 3M. Didn't work! I am looking for a magnet like yours...or I will hammer a little nail into the wall!
Hope you have a great 2011. Your start looked beautiful. We have ice and three feet of snow and haze to boot!
Hope said…
Hi Laurie~
Lookie Lookie....I am on your blog. I am in a hotel and am viewing. Happy New Year!
Christine said…
What a beautiful day!!! Scary but beautiful!

It looks like your going to have an organized New Year!!!
Sandra said…
Hi Laurie, beautiful photos of the first day, not the accident, but the clear blue sky and the snow. I love your new picture, very cute!!! Wishing you a wonderful New Year !!!

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