Monday, January 10, 2011

Ready for hearts and flowers

Is anyone else getting in the mood for Valentine's Day crafting?  I am!  I'm doing a swap organized by one of my Bella friends, Jeanelle, of more "three incheys" with a Valentine's theme.

Here's a sneak peek at what I'm doing for that swap.  It's based upon the most romantic theme I know: the love between Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.  Yesterday morning, while a light snow fell and my son snoozed upstairs, I put in one of my movie versions of the book and stitched away on my squares.  I was in a self-induced frenzy of sighs and swoons each time Matthew MacFayden gave Keira Knightly one of his smoky looks of longing...

I am such a sucker for that story!  I can't wait to show you the squares -- they're due at the end of the month and then I'm feeling good about meeting that deadline.

In other weekend news, I attended a planning "retreat" on Saturday for the Colorado State Button Society, for which I'm the Publicity Chairperson.  It was very productive, and I felt appreciated.  It's so nice to feel your efforts are appreciated; the incredibly negative experiences I have had with my son's Scout Troop have left me so shot-down and I hardly realized how much so until now; being thanked for my efforts and feeling supported by the button club, I realize just how low I was feeling by comparison, and how stepped-on and put-out I've been.  (Please believe me when I say it's just my local Scout experience -- not the organization as a whole, which I have great respect for...)

They approved my article which I'm submitting to a local paper, as well as my flyer for the Annual Show, which I can't wait to show you; and I'm also putting together and will be administering the club's Facebook Page!  All fun stuff that I enjoy!

How was your weekend?


Marion said...

You have such beautiful buttons. Congrats on the article! I fall in love with my buttons so much, I seldom use them. But I have made some cute pins which I won't part with. :-)

I thought of you this weekend. I got a GORGEOUS antique doll, with stand, beautifully dressed down to the pearls around her neck at a thrift store for $10. I also found a silver plated basket for only $4 which shined up nicely. But I'm in love with my doll and had to make room for her in my office. LOL! No finds at Goodwill, though. Happy creating.


Creative Wings Boutique said...

oh yes i am ready for valentines. After my sons bday is over this week i am going hog nuts decorating this year. Man i wish i had known about that three inchie swap.
being appreciated is very important when you put alot of your time and energy into things

Christine said...

I can't wait to see what you create! I'm sure it will be beautiful!!!

I'm so happy that one of your favorite hobbies is turning into such a nice experience.

Tamatha said...

The 3-inch blocks sound very intriguing and the button club sounds like fun! I'm hoping to make some progress on my own blocks tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to be appreciated! Oh, and I just finished my Valentine three-incheys this weekend! SO FUN!!

Kayjay in New Zealand said...

I love the buttons Laurie. I wish we had Button Society's in New Zealand, I'd love to learn more about some of my 'old' buttons.

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Oh these buttons are lovely !
Do you know of a source to research vintage buttons ?