Weekend catch-up crafting

I've been finishing up small projects (nothing major) this weekend.  It feels good, though, to do those little odds and ends that I've been dying to get to.  First, I had to revise the "Joy Within" art piece I made at Silver Bella.  Here's the before:
Notice the area to the right of the heart tag.  That's what I changed.   First I gesso'd it, then I layered some pieces of transfer paper (thin, like pattern tissue paper), then I stamped it with some vines in blue, and then the words, "Tell the Story" -- once like a shadow, and again darker.  Do you think it's an improvement?
Then, I repaired a pin I've had for at least 10 years, which was missing a button from the middle.  The button has been missing for so long that I can't even remember what it looked like!  I replaced it with an antique black glass faceted button:
Now, in the world of button collecting, this would be a "no-no" because it's not a no harm way of creating with buttons (I used glue.)  But, in my defense, I bought the brooch long before I knew it was bad to use glue, and, more importantly, the glass button I used was already broken on the shank and couldn't be used.  So there.
Then, since the Christmas decor is almost completely down now, I was able to finally hang the beautiful paper wreath that Suzanne gave me for Christmas.  I just love it in my little wall vignette!  I also framed a print I've had for years but never framed.  I reused the frame of a store-bought picture I was tired of, for over my bed.  But I don't have a photo of that one for you, sorry.
I also sewed my own "three inchey" square from the Silver Bella swap onto a pretty tan muffler I bought for $8 at TJMaxx.  I think it looks adorable!
...And, along those lines, I'm also finally sewing some of the other squares I received in that swap onto a sampler that I will later hang up.  It's a fun, relaxing project!

I also spent some time -- finally! -- updating the pages that you can visit from the headings at the top of my page (About Me, etc.)


Christine said…
Wow, I bet it felt good to finish all those projects!!! They are all so beautiful!
Angela said…
All beautiful! Love the tin heart with key along with that paper wreath on your wall!
Hi Laurie. Love what you did with *Joy Within* - one of my fave classes at Silver Bella. Hope to see you there later this year.
Marion said…
Laurie, all of your work is just amazing, inspiring and beautiful!! I've been decoupaging some composition books and I'm always tickled when I'm done and wonder at the mystery of the act of creation and the nature of inspiration.

HI! I'm Tabitha said…
i need to get in gear and finish up some of those bella projects also. thanks for sharing ur lovelies lauri
Jingle said…
Oh, everything looks wonderful and it sounds like you had a lovely time!
Tammy said…
Wow! What an inspiration to get things finished! I'm just glad I finished the Valentine swap in time. I love what you added to your Joy Within project.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful art piece you created. I love the layout and overall pattern schemes. So lovely.

Honey, I say break the rules and use glue anytime you need (or want) to. A girl's gotta live her own way you know.

Your 3 inchey square is a total delight. I always enjoy visiting your blog so much.
Anonymous said…
It's so satisfying to finish projects! I'm looking forward to getting back to my Silver Bella 3-inchey sampler sometime soon!
Rhondamum said…
What beauty! I love taking something old and making it new again. Please be sure to share your sampler when you are done. What an amazing idea! xoxo Rhonda...

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