Awards, gifts, and a giveaway, in that order

Happy Sunday everyone!  Who gets tomorrow off?  My son does, so I'm looking forward to having an "extra" day with him since he's been away this weekend on the appropriately-named Klondike campout (brr!)

I was surprised this morning by this award from Mina:
I'm to tell 7 things about myself; and let me just say, I know that there are bloggers who shy away from awards but I like to take the opportunity to take a "break" from my regular blogging and write a bit about myself in more general terms.  I find that each time I have, I get comments from friends who say they learned something new, or found something else in common with me.  It's always been a great experience -- so, thank you again Mina!  Here are my 5 things (I couldn't think of 7, and Mina said I didn't have to follow the rules!):

1.  Writing is my first love and my biggest passion.
2.  I'm an avid reader and do all my reading just before bed.  You can always see what's on my nightstand by clicking on my "shelf" on Shelfari (lower left sidebar.)
3.  I've been working out regularly for the past 7 years, but my fitness suffered last year due to plantar fasciitis.  I'm doing better now, so, this year I've challenged myself to up my work outs to 5x per week.  You can join me in this by friending me on Facebook and tell me you want to participate in Laurie's Friends Exercise Challenge; I'll send you an invitation to post your work out on my page so we can all encourage each other!
4.  I have found that one of the most difficult things in adulthood is cultivating the kinds of female friendships that sustain me.
5.  We moved to Colorado from CA 9 years ago in search of a slower pace of life in which to raise our only son.  He's almost grown now, and we're talking about moving again, but where to next?  That's the question on my mind these days.

I'm passing this award along to every and any of my followers: copy the button, and post your 5-7 things on your blog, too!  I'd love to know more about you.

Over the last several weeks, I was picked in a couple of blog giveaways and so I've received two nice gifts in the mail that I wanted to show you:

Lisa from Abiding in the True Vine sent me this lovely, heartfelt Christmas ornament that she made -- isn't it wonderful?
Lori was celebrating her blog Vintage Flair's 500th post by giving away this little bundle of beauty!

I'm going to have fun with that fabric, for sure!  Both Lisa and Lori are friends I was lucky enough to meet at Silver Bella, and that's how I discovered their blogs!  Thank you again, new friends!

Finally: a giveaway of my own.  Last summer when we visited Virginia, Dennis and I went to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.  You may remember when I blogged about it.  The museum sent us a lovely 2011 calendar, full of photos and testimonies from their archives:

It's called In Their Own Words: Diaries from the Holocaust

I would love to pass this calendar along to anyone who might enjoy it; if you'd like it, please leave a comment on this post (only); I'll choose a winner at random on Friday, January 21!


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
hi laurie,
congrats on your award. I am glad to see you generosity was rewarded by you winning two blog giveaways. i have to say the we share number 4 in common.
lovely calender....
Marion said…
A great post, Laurie, and some awesome treasures! It's been raining all weekend here in Louisiana and I've been busy decoupaging some of my composition books (I buy a box of 50 every year when school supplies appear for ten cents each and have a blast decoupaging them all year and giving most of them away). I read before bed, too, which often keeps me up late. LOL! I hope you have a great day off with your son.

Gill said…
I recently accompanied a school trip to the Holocaust exhibition at The Imperial War Museum in London - it was one of the most moving things I have ever seen
Christine said…
You are a lucky blogger!!! Those gifts are lovely!

Although that calender is lovely, I don't think I would have a use for it.
Unknown said…
I would love this calendar.....mostly though, I just wanted to come by and say thanks for being a friend and for your kindness these last couple of months!
Alyssa said…
#4 - Me, too. Perhaps it's my tendency to introvert or time or. . . I know what you mean. :) Congratulations on your lovely gifts, too.
Anonymous said…
I have so enjoyed getting to know you and, in this post, getting to know you even better! And, now, I'm heading over to facebook to friend you there, too. :-)
Anonymous said…
I am a few days behind on my rounds! I am so glad you like the award and shared some wonderful things about yourself. You are such a sweet soul and I have enjoyed getting to know you so much.

Your gifts are fabulous! How nice to receive such treasures.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your blog win. I've had 2 great, well 3 super wins from blog hops recently. (Still waiting for one to arrive.)
I would love to be FB friends, but you'll have to ask me. FB gives me a hassle about sending out requests. I'd love to have more thrift and bloggy friends.
I am on FB as Laura Dogsmom.

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