Queensland Flood Auctions


I've just heard about the great efforts being made in blogland to help raise money for  flood relief for the those affected in Queensland, Australia.  If you click on this link you will be taken to a blog called Make It Perfect that is keeping a master list, updated at 9 a.m. daily, of auctions going on around the globe with 100% of all money raised to be paid directly to Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.  (This is a great way to have confidence that your donation is going to flood relief, isn't it?)

Lots of lovely handmade things being auctioned off -- go see!


barb cabot said…
What a wonderful link. Thank you for posting. My daughter moved to Australia last August. She has told me about the awful devastation and sad stories. She is not in the area of disaster but we along with her are very concerned for all the families there. Again thanks for this post.
Anonymous said…
This is such a terrible disaster.

Thank you so much for the link, Laurie.

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