I've got a notion

Hey, isn't it about time for some thrifty finds?
This is a very fun apron, isn't it?  I love the party and cocktail theme, and the green binding!
Here's something I rarely find in thrift shops: vintage wallpaper!
And then, at the same time, I found this vintage textured wallpaper, too!

I like to use it in my ephemera journals, so I was pretty pleased.

At a recent estate sale, I bought this Little Red Riding Hood full card of MOP buttons that was sitting in the drawer of a sewing machine table; also, this huge box...
full of snaps and hooks, most of them on cards.  I love adding the cards in my journals, as well -- there's just something about that sewing theme with old paper!  Also a bunch of American made steel pins were in the box.
This particular color of red and the print and graphics on these old notions are just so lovely!

I love the cover and the illustrations in this childrens song book!
And then I was intrigued by the scribblings made by "Donald" on the inside cover -- obviously, he was a little schoolboy intrigued by what he saw going on around him after 1938 when the book was first published.

Finally, I also picked up a very pretty book on Marie:

"A historical novel!"  I hope it's a fun read...

but I really bought it for the lovely illustrations, and it was just a couple of dollars so I couldn't resist.

There are lots more thrifty finds to see:

Bonus!  Be sure to visit Her Library Adventures for her sweet brooch giveaway!  Details here.


Betty said…
Oh, you really found some treasures. Such a fun apron, and that cute Little Red Riding Hood, and the music book. I too, am intrigued by Donald's drawings.
Very fun finds but Oh My that Apron!!! Love it!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Lovely finds! I really need to take a trip to the second hand store!!
Alyssa said…
Oh what lovely treasures, Laurie! The music hour book reminds me of the Longfellow poem, "The Children's Hour". It's one of my favorites. The little boy's drawings in the book are fascinating, too.
Wow, some intersting finds. Love Red Riding Hood! Intriguing scribbles from Donald...!
Hope said…
Hi Laurie
It is so great to be reading your blog! I am able to read you on my phone! I love all your finds! I can't believe Donald's book with the scribbling. I am a huge WW2 nut. He sure was aware of what was going on!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful treasure hunt! I love the apron and the books. We have some school books that belonged to hubby's mother who is now 72 and I wouldn't trade them for anything.
Rhondamum said…
What wonderful treasures you found. I would have been in heaven! I really like the Marie Antoinette book. What a fabulous find! xoxo Rhonda...

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