It's still Tuesday!

I have been dying to get over to my blog to post all day and here I am, finally, after dinner -- better late than never!

First let me tell you that I've made huge progress on my photo tagging/archiving project; all of the photos are sorted into the proper folders for 2009 and 2010, and the proper folders set up for 2011!  I am going to back them up on a zip drive, too. Yay me!

This morning I took 134 photos of new products and some of my thrifty finds to show you!   No wonder I always have so many photos to organize, huh?  These photos are from all that I bought during the last couple of weeks of December:

I occasionally find really fun bookends at the thrift store and I usually end up selling them, but these I think I'm going to keep!
I really love terriers.  I think that will be the next dog I get, if I do get another dog in the future.

As you know, I'm a native San Franciscan, so I love anything with that motif, too -- like this cute blue tin from '79.

Now, this purple thing is either a pajama holder for a kid, or it might also be a clothespin holder (if you hang it on a clothes hanger.)

But I had to have it for the lovely lavender color and the novelty feed sack fabric of kids at the movie theater!

 More fun fabric: what will I do with these forks?  The sky's the limit!

And some very sweet Valentine-y crocheted squares.  They really get me in the mood for Valentine crafting!

Last but not least, how could I resist this shabby, flat needlepoint-front pillow?  The bird is colorful and plump.
Do you like pyrex?  I wrote an article about it the other day, click here to read it!

As usual, I'm visiting friends and seeing their treasures by linking to these parties:

Her Library Adventures

You should, too!


That fork fabric is the best ever! What a fabulous find. I'm not sure what I love more the color or the fact that it features forks.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
My fave is the crocheted valentine squares! Beautiful!!!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
love the pink and red crochet squares
Marion said…
You have the best 'thrift store karma' of anyone I know, girl! Such finds!! I love the crocheted squares, too, but the fork fabric is pretty funky.

I made a mistake by posting a photo of my antique doll on Facebook and my 7 year old granddaughter saw the picture. My daughter said she gasped and said, "Did Grammy get that beautiful doll for ME?" I guess my doll will have a new home in Tennessee eventually. Tee-hee.

Alyssa said…
Oh those are some lovely finds. I really love the fabric with the forks. Wouldn't that be fun for kitchen linens or even napkins?
Anonymous said…
What unique book ends. I love them.

I a running behind myself today. Like an entire day behind! This working from home due to weather takes more energy than going in to work.
Christine said…
That shirt thingy is so cool! I'm always partial to the terriers too. My last dog was a black schnauzer and looked a lot like a scottie so when I see scotties, I'm always tempted to get it!
Lea said…
you have so many amazing treasures. we just dont have that kind of stuff where i live. i keep on searching tho:) i adore the fork fabric. its my favourite and so is the bird cushion and the red doilies. i guess thats 3 favourites. oh well!
Unknown said…
you find some of the cutest things!!!! I love the crocheted red doily' stuff.
Anonymous said…
I have had so little time lately to read blogs and no time to do any my own. Then I read about you organizing photo! For Christmas I splurged and bought myself an external harddrive (many times larger than my PC) just for photos and PDFs of craft things. It is supposed to be my winter project. Have not even unwrapped it yet or learned how to hook it up.
My favorites are the red crochet squares as well. I think I would frame tham and hang to enjoy.

Thanks for sharing such wonderful finds during my snowed in season. Helps me not withdraw too badly.

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