Happy New Year!

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This morning, I finished up a project I've been working on for six years total, but one year in earnest: scanning, printing, and cropping my entire family's photographic history.  I blogged about it a bit here and here.

Two volumes worth: all of my parent's photos from their own history and childhoods, and all of my childhood through age 18.  I'm so happy to be finished!  What a great way to end the year.

A safe, happy, fun new year to you!


Unknown said…
Wow! That was no easy feat I am sure! More power to ya' lady! I get too overwhelmed with projects like that and get bored and then look at them from time to time and think one day and then that day never comes. lol
Happy New Year! I hope it is filled with may blessings!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
Hi Laurie,
I am so jealous! I am four years behind in my kiddos scrapbooks. I need to get focused. If i lived closer you could "kick" me in gear from time to time.
ps. have a wonderful year filled with crafting!
Lea said…
Oh my goodness Laurie..what an achievement. You must be so thrilled. Happy New year!
Anonymous said…
What a truly fulfilling project! Hope your next year ends with such warmth.
Christine said…
Wow, I'm so happy you are done!!! What a huge project. Congratulations!!!

I borrowed a few of my mom's albums and want to get things scanned. I want to make cds for my siblings then I can start thinking about scrapping them.
Angela said…
Congratulations on finishing your family photo album project! What a way to end the year!
Happy 2011!

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