Good news, bad news, and hidden treasures

I got some really good news yesterday from the website I write for,  As you may know, I write about antique and thrift shopping in Colorado Springs, the city nearest me.  It's a lot of fun but also a challenge, because they have rules like, for the max pay, you need to write about local stuff; you must also write like a journalist -- they specifically ask that your writing not sound like blogging -- and refrain from writing in the first person.  It's always interesting to try to make my articles fit their guidelines and still be me.

Photo of a junk store I profiled in Simla, CO, for

So, I got an email from yesterday saying that my page is going to be sponsored for three weeks beginning December 26 by HGTV!  Specifically, for their upcoming new series on estate sale and flea market finds, Cash & Cari.  This means they'll put their ads on my page and will promote it as well for that 3 week time period.  They are interested in articles about finding hidden treasures.  And you know that is is subject I can write about!

As you may know, pays me based on hits, and even though my page is consistently in the top 5 among Colorado Springs Examiners, my pay is literally still only pennies.  We examiners write for the experience, the exposure and the sheer love of our topics!  Still, sponsorship for 3 weeks means I'll be paid double for each article I write!  I had already been formulating a plan for re-energizing my articles in the new year so this is just gravy -- I'm very excited! 

You can bet I'm going to be posting links to my articles here on my blog from December 26 through January 15, and I hope you'll read along when I do!  (Interested in writing for yourself?  When you sign up, be sure to mention that I told you about them/referred you and I'll get a bonus!)

The bad news?  Today's the day I have to appear in court for my speeding ticket.  The court is more than a 2 hour drive away.  It's a day I've been dreading and yet I'll be so happy when it's over.  My husband took the day off work to go with me, and we're bringing my son so he can learn from my experience.  Afterward, we plan to try to enjoy ourselves a bit in Denver -- at least a nice meal, maybe some shopping.

My BFF, Jenni, commented, "Something good will probably come of the experience; it always does."  So, here's hoping that even during this nightmare arraignment, I'll find some hidden treasure.


Spotted Sparrow said…
Congrats on the sponsorship! It is well deserved. If there's anyone that knows about finding treasures in your area, it is you!

That is so smart of you to take Ben to court! Hopefully he'll remember that experience when he gets his license. I hope it goes quickly so you can get on with enjoying your day.
Sherri said…
CONGRATS on the examiner and sponsorship. That is awesome!
Oh I hope the court day goes ok.
Bunty said…
Congratulations on the sponsorship - well deserved!

Hope your appearance in Court isn't too traumatic for you - poor you!

Barbara :)
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
i wonder if you where speeding to an estate sale? i have been known to speed when there are really good treaures! hopefully the cop wont show and it will be dismissed.
congrats on ur new gig with double pay!
Congratulations, Laurie, on your column and writing acknowledgments! Wonderful!

(Re: the ticket...soon it will be just a bit of old history!)

Hope your Christmas is one of the best ever!
Christine said…
Congratulations! That news is so exciting!!! I didn't know you wrote for them. Please do share links when you have written a post!!!

Good luck in court and have fun with the fam!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your writing news! I had no idea you did that as well. I can't wait to see it here on your blog.

Court for speeding. I feel your pain.
Connie said…
Congratulations on being sponsored! Hope your day in court went well. (-;
Angela said…
Hope your court date went ok! No fun, and I'd be the same as you, worrying and dreading it coming!
Hopefully you all had a nice relaxing time afterwards! :o)
Lydia said…
Lori, I understand the feelings. Once it's over it'll be easier. How did it go? So nice that hubby was able to come and support you.

Congrats on the sponsorship.You sure do keep your hands in many pots! I guess we all do.

xo Lydia

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