The booty

I know you want to see what antiques and things I bought while in VA.  The thing is, I didn't buy much.  We didn't get around to shopping as much as I would have liked to -- there was so much to see and do in the area!

We spent one lovely, long morning and early afternoon at the monuments.

I especially loved the World War II Memorial -- because my dad served in that war.

So beautiful.

And, if you can stand one more Scout photo:

Me at Adventure Base -- the touring Scout exhibit.  Later we went to the Smithsonians -- and my poor feet finally gave out at the National Art Gallery.

"Repose" by John Singer Sargent -- I sat in front of her in the same posture as she, while Dennis looked around.  My hips had been hurting, my legs had been sore, and my feet were overdone.  It was so discouraging, because we had two more days left to sight see, but I couldn't go on.

The next day, since I couldn't walk much, we drove 2-1/2 hours to Delaware, to the beach.

Look what I found on the way there!

The junk store looked better from the outside than on the inside, but I did see some cool stuff, like this bottle with all the different sections.  Neat, huh?

The beach was a much better destination, and we had a lovely time!  I so miss living near a beach.  Being on the shore did me a lot of good, as did resting my feet.

I picked up only four sea shells, but this box of taffy was something special we brought back!

 I'm spoiled forever for salt water taffy -- theirs is the best!

Here's something I wanted, but couldn't afford: it was an antique apron, in silk, with silk ribbon embroidery.  Look at that lace!

Hydrangeas.  To die for!

At that junk shop, above, I bought only this tin: isn't it the cutest?!  Bingo!  Beneath it is an antique door hinge that I just love.  I'm not sure what I'll use it for, but it's cast iron, ornate, and so evokes all the old homes I saw in Virginia!

Now, the tin didn't come with the contents -- I bought those at a yard sale I stopped at on the way home from Jamboree.
I mean, passing by this on the road -- how could I resist?  I asked the guy if he had any buttons, and out he comes with an old tin (not the one shown above -- a larger, grubbier one that I left behind in VA.)  He told me I could have it for $3.  I think I got a real bargain!  Lots of Bakelite buttons, plus that cool little celluloid pin of the baby in the graduation cap, two little glass perfume bottles, and more.  How could I resist?

Above is part of my bounty from SquashAPenny: I love the little bottles, which I plan to clean up, decorate a little, and fill with buttons.  The strips of paper are uncut cigar labels!  How cool are they?  Especially the kitty one!

I also bought this old mercury glass Christmas ornament.

But, here is my prize.  It's a ledger from 1858.  It has more than 600 pages!  Only the first 200 or so are written on.

The writing is gorgeous -- done in fountain pen, and lovely handwriting!

I love it so much -- especially how the pages are a pale, pale blue rather than white.  The interior cover is marbled.

The cover is completely shedding, but it was beautiful at one time.  It weighs about 20 lbs!  I had to ask about it -- the owner thought for a second and then said she had just bought some and they were still in the van.  She sent someone out to get them, then offered it to me for far less than I have seen them go for out here!  Love at first sight, I'm telling you!  Can anyone else get excited about this kind of thing?


Bunty said…
Sounds as though you had a fabulous trip Laurie - I have been reading your posts with interest! Love your finds, especially the beautiful apron and the ledger - I am very jealous about that - never see them around here! Have fun with it.

Barbara :)
Angela said…
My Dad always loved salt water taffy! :o)
Oh, what great treasures! interesting about the ledger - we just picked up some as well!
Linda Sue said…
YES! I am excited! COOL!
Ok, girl, enough is enough, time to get those feet in working order- threaten them- do whatever it takes...
Christine said…
That ledger is wonderful!!! I can't believe how old it is!!! Love the little bottles too.

I can sure identify with the sore feet. I let them keep me from my junking! I would love to go out for a day of thriftin'. Maybe I'll take some painkillers and have my sis drive. That would be fun!!!


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