This Christmas

Christmas at our house
See's Santas
family portrait, 2012
Conrad and Rebecca
and the kids; wonderful friends!
the turkey Matthew got, in Kansas; it was DELICIOUS!
Dennis' VERY SPECIAL gift: a painting of Maggie by Lisa Hildebrandt
Dennis got me a tiara; I was ALMOST as excited as Amy Farrah Fowler was...!
iPhone-controlled flying things
the gift that brought out the kid in my teenager

I hope yours was just as lovely!


Linda said…
Nice photos of everyone. Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. Me too. Always seem to get too much but I enjoy it anyway. Love your jewelry-you know how to wear it. Happy New Year.
Kathy said…
Friends and family are the very best part of Christmas!
Tami Hacker said…
Your Christmas home is so beautiful... is 'glows' in your holiday decoration, but mostly in the smiles of your family & friends!

What a joy to spend & share time with our love ones.

Shout out to Rebecca & her family too... Happy Holidays!

Hugs, Tami
Tammy said…
Merry Christmas! Such great photos!

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