Snowy day at home

It's a SNOW DAY here -- not because we have much snow on the ground, but because it's blizzardy and blowing...and very, very cold.  As in, negative double digits with the wind chill.
I'm happy to be cozy at home with Ben today.  The photo above was from last night's Troop Christmas get together.  I cannot believe how big his Troop has grown.  So many nice kids.
Maybe I will be able to do some crafting today.  I have these ornaments to finish up -- they are all glittered up and just need embellishments!  I have time to do more...the question is, what?  It's a nice problem to have.
I wanted to show you how I hung those fun matchbox ornaments on a stamp stand.  I think they look great!
Here's another glimpse of some holiday decor: the tissue paper tree I made at the first Birdsong event a couple of years ago (Carol Spinski's class), crowned with Lani's crown.
Get a load of this beautiful gift I got at my Colorado Springs Button Club's Christmas luncheon a few days ago!
It's a lavishly decorated button clutch that one of the members, Idell, made!  This is the front (the lace strip is where it opens.)
And this is the back of it.  Oh my goodness, it is fun to hold and run your hands over all those fun, colorful buttons!


Linda Sue said…
The button bag- a case of more is better? LOVE your paper tree! Stay cosy, Love your boy!
Linda said…
love love the way you hung your ornaments. what a creative idea. i like blizzard days-everything slows down and time to relax. the ornaments are so cute and your doing more? love the bubbles or snow in them. she worked some hours on the bag-beautiful!
Tammy said…
Hope you had a fun snow day! We get ours tomorrow. You sent it our way and it is really snowing and blowing!
Love the button clutch! You need a special night on the town now to use it! ;)
Kathy said…
That button clutch is just amazing and especailly that red button - very swoon-worthy!
Oh yes, stay inside and enjoy your time at home. I always enjoy looking at all your creative goodies. Love the button clutch!
Lani Robertson said…
I love your vintage Christmas decorations and the button clutch is amazing! You lucky girl! :)
Lani Robertson said…
I love your vintage Christmas decorations and the button clutch is amazing! You lucky girl! :)

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