Love, and Hope's new shop!

I'm really not ready for all the Valentine fun to end!
It's all so colorful and fun!
I bought this corn drying rack (below) at an antique store the other day; it was just $4...
You are supposed to push corn cobs onto the pegs and let them hang to dry.  I thought it would make a cute holder for tags and such; what do you think?
It's hanging in my kitchen right now.
I received this gorgeous tag in the mail from Terri; gosh, she is so talented!  She does amazing things with texture, especially, and she loves all the same stuff I do!
She sent along these sweet vintage valentines, too!  And, because she knows the way to my heart...
she tucked in this package of trims she brought back from French General!  I so envy that she got to go and play there...
and how completely sweet of her to send me some of the coveted beautiful stuff from there!
the back of Terri's tag
I went to the most fun estate sale I've ever been to yesterday; I can hardly wait until I have time to photograph and share my finds with you all!  Until then, I have to show you my friend Hope's new Etsy shop: Hope Ellington Designs
silver soldered heart pendant
Hope makes beautiful jewelry -- the first time I met her was at Silver Bella and she created a gorgeous crown necklace for each attendee as a gift!  That gives you an idea of her generous heart, too!
oval bird scalloped pendant
Isn't this bird to die for?  Her shop description says, "handcrafted soldered jewelry and more"; I for one am looking forward to everything to come in Hope's shop -- we share a love for vintage things and she has oodles of talent so it's sure to be amazing!  Definitely one to favorite on Etsy!


Tammy said…
The corn drying rack is a great idea! I feel like I barely even had a chance to get out the Valentine decorations before it was all over. :( We'll just have to get ready for the next holiday!
Kathy said…
That tag is gorgeous and I can hardly wait to see what you got at the sale. There haven't been any nearby in several weeks but there are 4 tomorrow so I know what I will be doing with my Saturday and it isn't housework!
Off to check out Hope's Etsy shop now...
JoAnne said…
Valentines was so much fun this year! Hope you're joining in on the Easter swap Laurie!
Dee in N.H. said…
Just love your valentines stuff! I can't believe that I have never seen a corn drying rack before! That's so cool!
Suz said…
Hope is amazing. I asked her once how many soldered pieces she had done and I wish I could remember. It was like 4,000 or something! Sure have missed coming to see you. I hope to get here more.
Hope said…
You are too sweet for words! Thanks so much for the 'press'...I adore you and the words. Thanks so much. I have a wrought iron corn drying rack. Never thought to use it as a display vehicle! Great idea!

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