A bit more from that country estate -- part 3

I'm glad you're enjoying seeing all the junk I bought.  The house that held the sale was TINY.
detail from a card in a box of vintage greetings

I remember the ad for it said, 'very narrow hallways, be patient' or something to that effect, and boy they were not kidding!  It was almost comical how tiny the house was, and then there were so many people in there trying to shop and trying to wait in a line that stretched from the tiny living room all the way back down the hall, through the kitchen area.
some of the cards had unusual motifs!
There literally wasn't room for two people to pass in the hall, not even by standing sideways!  This was one of those sales where you just had to be patient and figure you weren't going anywhere quickly.
fun pages in an unused vintage address book
At one point I was quite literally stuck in the kitchen (the size of a walk in closet) because I couldn't get out/get by the people standing in line to pay!  I had to stay there about 5 minutes...and since I was blocking the kitchen doorway, no one could get in there to shop!
I love using pages from these old S&W stamp books in my ephemera journals

I made some friends, too: one woman ended up following me home in her car so I could run into my house and get her a free review copy of the Etsy book I contributed to -- she had told me in line she was getting ready to start a shop!  (She creates things from vintage materials, just like I do!)
This metal "tape" is, we surmised, stuff that people would use to cover the edges of their baking pies so the crusts wouldn't overcook.  Of course I won't be using it for that -- but I think it will be useful for a craft project at some point!
Here is some barkcloth that I found in the shed outside.  I think it might have been the bottom 'ruffle' of a sofa cover, or a bedspread perhaps.
I love the muted pinks, yellows, gray and brown with the pinkish piping!
Something different: a plastic-y, square cover for something in the nursery -- perhaps a holder for laundered diapers?
I could not get over the graphics; I think they might be Japanese.
But it sure said "Springtime" to me!
I can't wait to switch out my toaster cover for this one (above): A good host serves PURRfect toast!, with the toast flying out of the toaster, and get a load of that purple dotted feedsack material on top!
I pretty much never pass up a vintage souvenir item that says "California" on it...
This one was fun because it was triangular, backed with white cotton, and might have been used as a banner -- what do you think?
sunny yellow apron
I'll leave you with some close up photos of some of the other vintage linens (my weakness) I found at the sale.

unused "instant pillowcase" fabric -- a rose garden full!

sweet baby smock bib

(Nothing on this post was priced more than $1.)  Thank you for coming along with me to this country estate sale!


The finds never stop! And they never stop being fab. I can't believe the good stuff, esp those California cloths... don't you wonder about the life of the previous owner?
Unknown said…
Love it all! This looks like one of the best sales I have seen in a long time. It is hard to come by that much in one place it seems like here anymore. I get kind of annoyed at Estate sales here b/c of the what I call -hunters- they aren't necc. looking to enjoy or use the items, they just want to grab them up b/c they are "old" and then resell at an outrageous price. Thus they end up never selling them, and they don't care about them anyway. Makes me sad. I know your items will live a beautiful 2nd life!
autena said…
I can just picture the person (female, I'm sure!) who lived there. You really lucked out on these. Such fun!
Susan said…
Looking at the pics of your great finds is almost as fun as finding them myself! Almost! Thanks for sharing them!
That stuff all reminds me of my Grandmothers home , the sweet aprons and all that plastic diaper items I have seen that someplace in my life maybe a aunt's had something like that when she had a baby

makes me want to hit the trail, estate trails
You really made some wonderful finds there. Worth the wait for sure!! The plastic diaper thing looks like something I had, the hospital gave it to me with all sorts of products in it to take home and I kept it for years. I wonder if I still have it? My graphics were not as cute as those. I love the cards and the wonderful unique illustrations. But my far my favorite is the toaster cover...be still my heart! hugs, Linda
Kathy said…
Oh, those linens!!!! Sounds you had to work hard for your loot but your perserverence paid off. Good things come to she who stays patiently stuck in the kitchen door!
Dee in N.H. said…
Sigh.....Beautiful stuff!
Lorraine said…
You certainly found the right place to be! What wonderful finds. Wish we had such fruitful sales around here.
Anonymous said…
Oh, those S&H Green Stamps bring back a lot of memories. :-) We used to pore over the book of goodies we could get with my grama's stamps.

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