Who wants to see the Birdsong swaps?

It's back to real life here after the delightful weekend away at Birdsong.  Ben is home sick for the second day with the flu.  I've been to Zumba this morning.  And, I am resuming my low carb eating.

Now, the food at Karla's event was amazing: she cooked and baked for us, and she uses the best and most fresh ingredients, plus makes things low fat with substitutions without sacrificing flavor!
But...she also made some decadent desserts, like these little bird nests with chocolate eggs!
And this delicious brownie cake with these little cake birds...I mean, how can you resist a face like that? And they were yummy!
Then, there was this bierock that I had at the brewery restaurant Suzanne and I ate at in Hays.  I had never had one besides the delicious ones my friend Jenni makes from scratch; this one was so good, made with German sausage and smothered with cheese!  I had a wonderful beer they brewed -- heifeweizen with raspberry...
What was I talking about?  ...Oh yeah, the swaps!

We had three swaps for Birdsong, and, true to form,  I participated in all three; there was the Frilly Birds swap, the Nature Journal swap, and the Feathered Nest matchbox swap.

Here are all the little birdies I made for the Frilly Birds swap:
I think this one was my favorite:
Or, maybe this one (I like her hat!)
I packaged them with a little bird flashcard:
Here are the beautiful little birds I received in return!
These were from the swap hostess, Sherry Williams
This one has crystal dangles
I love this one, and the way Cami interpreted the paper doll theme (and channeled Karla!)
Karla used an egg as a stand -- so clever!
Beth Leintz hostessed the Nature Journal swap; we each were to make eight pages (front and back) and received eight plus a wonderful cover made by Beth.  My front pages were all very different; here are a few:
For the back, I used the same "base" of a scanned hymn over which I printed one of my favorite bird poems, "Said the Robin to the Sparrow":
I was happy with my pages; here is the journal I received:

Gorgeous, huh?  I love it!
 Next, I'll show you the matchbox swap and all of the beautiful sponsor gifts we were spoiled with received!


Those birds are such fun, I'm so glad that I was in it. I'm kicking myself about the journal, though! I'd love to have one. Durn it.
Lorraine said…
One is lovelier than the other and all are superb! So nice of you to share.
Unknown said…
Wow, what a fabulous time you had Laurie. I love the pages.. really inspiring.
Your journal pages are incredible! So much talent going on there!!!! I like the birdie in the bonnet best too so I chose one for myself. I can't remember if I thanked you for hosting the matchbox swap or not (should have made hostess gifts for the swap hostesses but I kinda stiffed y'all & the teachers) ...if I have then I'll say it again...THANK YOU!
Hope said…
Just adorable! Loved being at Birdsong! I sure wish the birdnests were low-carb!
Anonymous said…
These are amazing! What gorgeous eye candy and that food looks scrumptious!
Beth Leintz said…
The swaps really were wonderful- but I keep scrolling back to look at that bierock- it looks delicious- it must be time for dinner!
Lisa said…
I love your little birds - so precious! I wish I did the journal swap - the pages are all so beautiful. I'm still smiling from our fabulous weekend. :)
Tammy said…
What a great journal and love the bird themed swap!
What fun swaps! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you all had a glorius and creative weekend.
Ooh la la, those birdies are so frilly and shabby. Looks like a super swap to me.
Unknown said…
Loved seeing your photos, Miss Laurie...The food was excellent, wasn't it? I tried to mimic Karla's chicken salad yesterday and using Greek yogurt is just genius! I've decided that Karla is the Queen of All Good Tips--not just for art, but for everyday living as well!

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