Friday, November 13, 2009

How Did It Get to Be Friday?

I can't believe this week is almost over! By the time it is, I will have been to the dentist twice, a chiropractor once, and been to a final audition for Wheel of Fortune. I guess that's part of the reason the week flew by...all those extra appointments!

My Wheel of Fortune audition went very well, in that I got as far as one could get and was chosen to stay and go further along with 12 other folks. We played some additional mock games and when it was all said and done they told us we'd know within 2 weeks if we'd made it on the show. Squeal!

The chiropractor thinks he can help my achin' feet within 6-8 visits, so here's hoping!

Here are some more vintage thrift store finds to help you get started on your weekend:

Antique redwork! I am in love with this stuff!

Blue's not so bad either; this will go in my blue, white and yellow bedroom.

I found the prettiest song book...

it makes me wish I could read music!

This yellow floral tablecloth was only $1, and then I found a box of wonderful seam binding in a variety of colors!

Here's a pretty and very delicate (eggshell) Haviland Limoges, France tea cup...

an old transferware plate...

...and a few more odd pieces in Autumn colors! China like this makes me swoon.

I hope you liked looking at all of this as much as I liked showing you. What's on your plate for the weekend?


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Ooooo, I love that redwork!! It's one of my favorite types of vintage embroidery!
Best wishes on your Wheel of Fortune quest; how exciting! Keep us posted please!

Angela Catirina & Bonnie said...

you go girl!!! I would just love to see you be the big winner on Wheel of Fortune!! You're a doll! I know you're gonna make it!

Angela Catirina

Sandra said...

Oh, Laurie, Good luck, with Wheel of Fortune, Please keep us posted!!! What fun that would be to see you on the big show!!!!!able

Household 6 said...

Your transferware finds are gorgeous!

Christine said...

I love red work too! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for WOF. I hope you get in!!!


Lydia said...

Fun finds!

I love my chiropractor!

Fingers crossed for you and the Wheel of Furtune!!!

Lydia said...

ps- Sorry I haven't been around much. Working 4 p/t jobs, interviewing, and hubby's not been feeling well. Problem w/his kidneys.