Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sweet and saucy Joy from Joy to the Blog has bestowed an award upon me and now I must blog about five of my obsessions! That's not hard; here are five of them, in no particular order:

(1) Vintage Wallpaper

I am completely and utterly besotted with vintage wallpaper, like the kind that Karla Nathan uses in her creations, and sells, too!

(2) Glass Cloches

Like this one, from Fringe Studio. Actually...I'm obsessed with just about anything from Fringe Studio!

(3) Jane Austen books and movie adaptations

I never tire of the books. Also: I've had a lot of sad days lately...and when I'm sad, you can always find me watching a DVD or video of one of my favorite Jane Austen stories. They are like medicine.

(4) Music from the 1980's

Last year for my birthday, my husband had Sirius radio installed in my car; I keep it almost exclusively on the '80's on 8 or 1st Wave stations...although sometimes I will also listen to the Pulse station. I never tire of '80's music.

...sorry, getting a little carried away!

(5) Project Runway

It's the only show on television that I make a point to watch! Did you catch the Season 6 Finale? Season 7 begins in January!

So, those are my obsessions. I'm passing this award along to any of you who wish to take it and take a turn telling me about your OBSESSIONS!


Linda Sue said...

I knew from day one that Irena would win...LOVE that show- though Heidi is irritating at best...
I hope that you are finding time to write- writing is best in poopy months like November...unless you are going for humour...that is lacking this month..Blues month- so bad it puts my face in a permanent know the rest.

Pretty Things said...

Oh WOW thank you for turning me on to Fringe! Here's my newest fav...

I think you might like that one!