Monday, July 27, 2009

My Little White Table

You may recall when I blogged about this little table, asking advice on what to do with it:

The number one most popular response was to paint it white.

So, I did:

I love it! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do this!

As for my other projects: I am behind in creating more pillows for my handmade Etsy shop (I sold one today!) so I am going to get onto that in the coming days.

Realistically, though, pillow-making may have to wait until after Ben's first week of school, which begins already on AUGUST 5th! I know, I know: it's excruciatingly early.

For the last several days I've been helping a friend's sister with their mother's estate; we had a sale at her home two days this past weekend. I noticed among the items for sale some really wonderful square dancing pins the mother had earned. "You can't sell these!" I cried. "No one wants them" she said.

When I spied a ruffly square dancing outfit also on the sale rack, an idea was born. Now I have the outfit, a coordinating old tablecloth, and the pins in my possession; I aim to make four pillows -- one for each sibling -- out of these keepsakes.


Jenny said...

You've come up with a win-win here. The table looks fantastic and your idea for your friend and her siblings is so generous! Great idea and it's sure to mean a lot to them.

Joy said...

The table is darling! Can't wait to see those keepsakes. :o)

Micki said...

The table looks so pretty now. I just love it!

Jingle said...

Wow! Just a little paint and the transformation is wonderful! Great job!

third bird said...

Gorgeous transformation. I have recently salvaged some old chairs and everyone is trying to talk me out of painting them, but the result is so fresh. Your before and after has re-inspired me. :)

Lydia said...

What a wonderful keepsake idea!

The table is adorable:) Lydia