"Hump" Day

It's Wednesday, aka "Hump Day" and I hope you're having a good week!

After the holiday weekend and the super busy month we had in June, I returned to the project I started a few months ago: scanning and archiving a lifetime's worth of photos of my family. It's a slow process.

My father, circa 1935
Don't you love the "jughead" hat? I wish I knew the story behind the photo. It's the only one I have of him as a child, so it's very dear to me. Dad's been gone 10 years now.

In other news, the other day I gave my friend the pillow I'd made for her; now that her husband's back from Iraq he's retiring from the Air Force. They are building their "forever" home in their home state of Oklahoma, and will be moving there later this month. I'm going to miss them like crazy. She is planning to recreate the same decor for her new master bedroom, which is black toile and pale green, so I made her a crazy quilt pillow in those colors:

I monogrammed the reverse

We're having a heat wave this week, so we've been going to the pool just about daily. I am truly in full summer mode!


Linda Sue said…
What a sweet photo! Gorgeous little human and I am sorry he is gone...it is winter here today I envy your heat! Your pillow is fabulous! Quite a treasure- well done, missie creative!
I am wondering why Oklahoma????of all states to choose???WHY???
What an adorable fellow your father was.

And that pillow you made your friend is beautiful.
Christine said…
Your crazy quilts are beautiful!!!

Summer Gypsy said…
Your pic of your dad tugs at my heart! My dad is gone, too, but I love looking at the old photos. Oh, visit Button Floozies (buttonfloozies.blogspot.com) to check out a post on your button collage! Have a blessed day, Laurie!
Jenny said…
Your friend will really treasure that beautiful pillow you made from the heart! It's just gorgeous.
Pretty Things said…
Love the pillow!

BTW, continuing our book conversation -- I review all the books I read on GoodReads -- that particular one is here

Sandra said…
What a treasure to have that picture of your father. I lost mine when I was only 25 and it still seems like yesterday, and I still love looking at pictures of him.

Are you taking orders on that pillow, that fabric combination is fantastic. You friend will love it forever, knowing you made it.

Have a most wonderful weekend !
Viola said…
What a wonderful pillow, Laurie! Sending big hugs to you! :o)
Lydia said…
So, that would make your Dad's DOB around 1927ish? .That's when my Dad was born. I have him on a pony almost that age. LOve the pic!!!

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