A funny thing happened on the way to the winery...

We were almost to Hermann when I noticed a garage sale sign on a corner and we had to turn around...I mean, how could I pass that up? It turned out to be a large house on a lovely pond we'd admired from the road. It had two detached garages with their doors open, and each garage was stuffed to the rafters with...stuff. Antiques. Books. Clothes. Furniture. And a lot of beer signs. The owner welcomed us and told us to go on in and take a look around.

After we'd nosed around a bit, the owner wandered in and said, "If you see anything you like, I'll make you a deal. In fact, anything you see, just ignore the price. I'll lower it."

I found this wonderful huge, unsearched tin of vintage buttons that was marked $5. (The first thing I did when we got home to Colorado was go through it! Tons of beautiful buttons inside, many glass, and the carved mother of pearl buttons I love so much! Plus other odds and ends you find in button tins. Squeal!)

I also found this Zanesville labrador retriever and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Plus the silver scalloped vase and the fabulous grungy tin. He sold me everything for $11.50.

While he was ringing me up and marking my finds down, he mentioned that he rented out a room in his house for tourists going to Hermann. He went on to say if you stay 2 nights you get the 3rd free. He elaborated that you were welcome to use his pond and fish.

Then he said 3 nights for $100. Plus use of his pond. And his fishing equipment.

We thanked him and said we'd keep it in mind!

As we walked out to our car to continue on to Hermann, he offered his golf cart. "Would you like to take a spin in the golf cart?"

We declined and went on our way.

Unfortunately, as it was a Sunday, this place was closed. Aunt Tinkers! LOL!

I made my husband pull over so I could photograph this barn. Sweet!


Lydia said…
Great buys for a great price. Very sweet!:)
Lydia said…
Love that tiny little horse charm/button:)
Christine said…
I'm so soooo jealous over the tin of buttons. I think I would have gasped outloud when I saw it!

Allidink said…
Aw too bad it was closed it looks cute! Good finds!

All the best,
Oh that's so fun! What great finds that found you! And I love that barn photo.
We adore old antique buttons - - you really found some beautiful treasures!

What a delightful blog!

Al and Caroline
Beyond the RockZ
Anonymous said…
Nice score on the buttons, Sounds like a very friendly man!!
Pretty Things said…
Jealousy over buttons has just become my thing, I suppose!
Pretty Things said…
Oh, I'd I read "Those Who Save Us" -- would be interested in what you think of it when you're done!

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