Attention All Quilters!

I found a bag of completed quilt squares at a thrift store and bought it for the huge assortment of colorful pieces -- one can never have too much fabric, that's what I always say!

When I finally got around to going through the bag, I found:

Eight sections of four sewn together like this...

Two sections of four sewn together like this...

And two extra pieces!

The photos don't do the wonderful fabrics justice...and all the pieces are all sewn by hand with tiny, tiny stitches!

Can anyone tell me what kind of quilt can be made with these sections? And if I have all the pieces? And where I can get a pattern for it? Thanks so much if you can help point me in the right direction!


I'm in no way going to be helpful with your questions, but I really admire your beautiful finds!
barb cabot said…
Laurie I don't know either but I'm thrilled for you. You always have an eye for great little treasures.
Angela said…
Hi Laurie! They are Double Wedding Ring quilt blocks! Look here:
I have made several DWR quilts. I am not sure why they put them together with the center *missing*, but maybe they were going to applique them onto a solid base block?
If you have other questions about them, just send me an email, I would be happy to help!
They are beautiful blocks!
What a great find and handstitched too! I think I have photos of a similar quilt pattern from a quilt I once owned. I'll post them on my Charms of Days blog and you can see!
Pretty Things said…

You would love hanging out at my in-law's neck of the wood -- PA. There are a lot of Amish quilters and you would go nuts for their work!

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