Button Floozie Fun!

One of my favorite blogs to read, Button Floozies, has an incredibly awesome link to a blog post by Capturing the Moment that shows some of the most fun uses for buttons on cards (or for scrapbooking) that I've seen in a long, long time. Button lovers and paper artists must check it out!
If you decide you just MUST begin making some of those adorable button cards, don't forget that I sell collections of buttons by color in packs of 50 for $4 in my Etsy shop!

While you're there, you might notice that in the Button Floozie post just before that one is about my button collage (posted by my friend Marilyn)! It's a real treat for me, since I've been trying to join Buttons Floozies forever but they just don't have room for more members (sigh.)


I'm going right over to check it out! I wanna see that shout-out to your button collage. :o)
Micki said…
I love buttons and they are useful in so many ways.
Lydia said…
I still have my Grandmother's buttons. ...and then some! My daughter, Alex loves them also.:)

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