Project progress

I thought you'd like to see the progress I've made on a couple of recent projects:
You may recall the holder I fashioned a while back from old architectural trim and fencing; here it is, with a few tags hanging from it; I decided to add the wreath I made at Birdsong III in the center.  I really like the look of the two projects together!
Here's that trunk I bought a few weeks ago, chalk painted.  It's a work in progress, but I am liking it so far!
If you get chance, please visit the Tag Tuesday blog; I'm playing along with many other contributors with a different theme each week. This past week:
 The Roaring Twenties
I must admit I'm having a bit of difficulty being inspired by the most recent tag themes; but, that might just be because I'm not doing as much creating these days so it takes me a while to find my muse.  Especially with this week's theme: Fish.  Fish?  I'm sure I'll be blown away with what everyone else comes up with, though.  I always am!


Kathy said…
I'm glad you are finding some time to create!
I like the texture on the trunk a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Do you have to actually use a picture of a fish? My brain did the word association thing... fish made me picture someone casting a fly rod... made me think of Ernest Hemingway...
JoJo said…
I love those tags!!!!! And the trunk too. Can't wait to see it's progress.
You found a perfect way to show off all your pretty tags. Love the trunk and all the detail, it will be gorgeous when you finish with it.
Createology said…
Love your display you created. Fish?...LAKE! Fish?...Cooking! I think this is why they call them challenges as we have to stretch. I am waaaaay toooooo literal. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts.
Unknown said…
I will say it again, I really love that tag holder wreath...It is a beauty.
Kelli Davidson said…
I just love the use of the garden fence as you did - I can't wait to find some and do the same!
I think when I can retire I will create something every day

I probably shouldn't wait ??

your tags will be a cute as anyone else's
That trunk is amazing! Is the floral part made of stamped leather? Love your display and the new tag, too!
Tammy said…
I love what you did with your wreath from Birdsong! It looks so pretty on the fencing. Mine is still *ahem* in progress! :)
And the chalk paint case is gorgeous!

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