More swapping fun

As you know, I'm away at Karla Nathan's Birdsong 3 this weekend and have some photos of what I made for the swaps that took place Friday night:
First, we have the handmade rosette swap.  The instructions were to sew your own rosette and decorate it with a vintage bird pin.  It was all to be wrapped in a special way.
I used favorite vintage pink powder box as the gift box; it's decorated with a colonial couple sitting under a tree -- and there is a bluebird in there, too!  I tied a vintage, rosy bridge tally card to it.  We didn't know in advance who we'd be exchanging with.
I made the rosette by sewing together layer upon layer of vintage fabrics and laces.  In the end, I gave it some crochet doily/lace "leaves".  I searched high and low for a bird pin that I loved, and finally found one online.  I sewed a pin on the back of the rosette so it can be worn.
I found this swap very challenging -- and therefore, fun!  As I write this, I wonder who will receive the rosette and just hope they love it!
I got a little bit addicted to the whole sew-your-own-rosette thing, and so I made another as a package decoration for my buddy Suzanne's birthday gift!  Even though she lives in Colorado, too, she's far away and I haven't seen her since her birthday in April; so, I'm bringing her gift with me to Birdsong 3 since I will see her there!
She's a fan of Tasha Tudor's, and so when I found this copy of one of the books illustrated by Tasha, it came home with me, for Suzanne.
Then, there was the matchbox swap!  My partner was Gail Sell, and she loves Victorian style and roses.  So, I created this box topped with a long-tailed bird in a nest!
I filled it with some special, tiny items that I thought she'd love -- many with the bird theme.
Take a gander:
One thing I bought just for her was an antique "g" printers' stamp -- that black item in the upper right of the photo.
Green is her favorite color, and I had this beautiful piece of sheer green ribbon I wrapped around a vintage spool.
I hope Gail loves it all!
I hope you're not tired of looking at bird-themed art yet, because once I get back from Kansas, I will be able to show you all the swaps I received in return.  Plus all the art we made!


Marrianna said…
Ah ha, I'm the first to comment. Okay, so I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rosettes. I adore the one you made for your swap partner. You are gifted, lady, truly gifted. So, did you get instructions on how to make the rosettes? Are the instructions online? Were they difficult to create? I might like to make some to add to my shabby chic mini purses and larger ones that I'll be making to sell later in August.

Thank you so much for posting such gorgeous photos. You are one fine artist and photographer.
Kathy said…
Laurie you really out-did yourself with these and the lucky recipients are going to be over the moon with them. I want to go make a matchbox now.... 8+)
Veronica Roth said…
Laurie, that's lovely. I'm sure whom ever get it will love it to pieces. Especially because it was so thoughtfully made. :)
Wendy said…
Oh my goodness! I love your rosettes that you have are so creative Laurie! keep posting about your fun and lovely time at Bird Song...I love seeing all the goodies and the fun you are having.
Lorraine said…
Such gorgeous creations. It looks like you truly put your heart into this. Hoping you're having loads of fun.
Unknown said…
Oh my GOSH! Love it all! That powder box is super cute, and your match box is so much fun! I have never seen that particular Tasha know I love her too, now I have to find one ;) I hope you are having a great time!
Becs said…
Laurie your rosettes are beautiful! How exciting to be at birdsong again! I am so jealous. Lol. What a great find with that book. It is lovely. Your friend will love it. And that match box
Is to die for! Did you really fit all those awesome
Goodies in that matchbox? Omg! Can't wait to see what all you got and made
You get back. Have fun
Girl. Becs
Lisa said…
Your rosette is absolutely spectacular, and your Matchbox for Gail is just lovely.
CatieAn said…
Laurie your rosettes were beautiful and I so adored your little matchbox bird vignette. Maybe next year I can go to birdsong!! I was jonesing to go but it didn't work out this year. Hope you had a wonderful time.

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