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Look what I found the other day: 2 yards of lovely Celia Birtwell fabric from her line several years ago.
It's called "Mademoiselle" and is perfect for curtains or pillows; the colors are taupe and red and I just loved it on sight so I "overpaid" for it.  When I got home and did a little research and discovered it's more valuable than I realized; since I had no project in mind for it (I just liked it!) I decided it should go into the shop.  Sigh.
However, I am having the opposite experience with this lovely little apron, which I found at the same time.  It's not just the beautiful aqua color, and the perfect, stylized flower applique, or the lovely coordinating yellow and aqua fabric...
but also the fact that it's reversible, with this separate apron of the print, piped in aqua, attached to the "back" of the apron.  I love it so much that I don't think I'm going to be able to sell it.  Don't tell me that never happens to you!
This ephemera journal is already in my handmade shop -- just in time for Father's Day, or wedding season.  The postcard on the front is a new purchase from an antique fair I attended over the weekend -- it features a man on his knee with the caption, "I have just taken a new position".  I love it!
I layered it over a page from The Diary of an Edwardian Lady that had a neat woodblock of deer in the forest at the top, and accented it with washi tape, and vintage buttons and millinery -- plus a key.  I really like how it turned out.
I didn't find much at that antique fair, but another piece I liked was this little postcard that might be a funeral piece, based on the handwritten note in the upper left corner.
My other purchase that day was this seriously cute little "Travel Bingo" set -- four cards with little windows you slide as you spot the object (train gate, fire plug, chicken...) on the road.  It made me giggle!  What is making you giggle these days?


dang, you mean to say antique vintage aprons are sold on etsy? I've got 3 or 4 dozen of those suckers.
Hi Laurie
I am not familiar with the material line, but I would have bought it.
I love material also use to collect it when I went to Paducah Kentucky to the quilts shows
I seen your pinterest post about buttons omgosh I went in to button heart attach LOL
I love the little spools all decorated and some of those fabulous buttons I have never seen
Linda said…
Your journal is terrific! Really nice, just keep getting better! Car bingo is cute too.
You'll probably come up with the perfect way to use that pretty fabric as soon as it sells. Your journal sure won't last long in your cute and creative. Thanks for sharing all your vintage goodies; they make me smile:-)
Unknown said…
Look at that fabric, so "Mademoiselle" indeed.
I love the journal specially those stamps tucked in there, same color as the deer in the boarder.
Thanks for stopping by my "Bird Condo" post.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
LOVE everything about this post today! Makes me wish I lived close enough to go to a decent vintage Flea Market, too.

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