Thrifty antique finds!

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I haven't shown my thrifty finds in a while --and there's a reason for that!
It's because I haven't been going thrifting very much lately -- I'm in my beginning of the year, reorg and purge mode, instead.
But yesterday I met a friend at an estate sale, and we had fun finding a few treasures.
Like this still-crisp, all cotton, men's shirt with some wonderful details.  I just loved the teeny tiny smocking and the tiny buttons -- plus the Arrow label and this stamp which appears right on the front of the shirt!
Here's an example of something others would consider trash: an old, handmade cookbook.  Bernice used cardboard covered with contact paper to make a cheery, red-checked cover for it.
Then she typed recipes, using carbon paper to make multiple copies, and gave it to her family/friends.
What I like best: the pages which list family members' "favorite menus"!
Funny -- most of the actual recipes are for desserts.  I find that's usually the case with these little, handmade cookbooks.
What fun things have you found lately?


kathyinozarks said…
I have not been to my favorite resale shops in a bit-so I need to do that.(thanks for reminding me lol) I love the cotton shirt, and I collect old cookbooks too-I love to read them-and that is unusual with the family menus-I like that. have an awesome day Kathy
Createology said…
Your treasures are amazing. I can relate to not going thrifting these days as I am trying to purge. I find it so difficult to get rid of my "treasures". Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
Kathy said…
I haven't been junking either, my self-imposed grounding until I got the piles in the art room photographed and listed. I am pretty much caught up and starting to think I could use a little NEW junk. Might just be time! 8+)
Lisa said…
Oh, what fun finds!
I miss junkin', but there hasn't been time for that lately. Plus, my favorite time of the year to run around to Estate Sales is in the spring. There are probably great bargains to be found right now but I just can't brave the cold. :(
Hope you are doing well Laurie! I miss you!
Unknown said…
That book is fabulous! Love the favorite menu for Robbie and Mary - Hope they were kids when it was written ;) You may have to post some of those recipes - often those family kind are some of the tastiest and the best.
Linda said…
Everyone is a fun piece. I think the cookbook is my favorite with the menus.
Beth Leintz said…
Great stuff, but I LOVE that cookbook...imagine the time that went into putting it together. Kind of an early version of journaling.
JoAnne said…
Great treasures Laurie! Estate saleing is one of my favorites!
Veronica Roth said…
Hi Laurie, so nice to meet you. :) Thank you for entering my giveaway. It looks like we are kindred spirits. Just the other day I found a hand written and calculated math notebook from Ruth dated 1921. I love, LOVE this kind of vintage. Old shirts, torn scrap books, postcards, any kind of ephemeral wonderfulness. I've followed so now I'll see you soon.
When I saw your spoolie in the post above this one, I thought I'd comment on how cute it is. It's adorable! But I scrolled on down and had to stop right here. OMG! If we'd been at the same sale at the same time, I'd have been racing you to get to all that first! There's not a thing that I wouldn't have bought if I'd found it. Not one thing. You did great!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks especially for subscribing! I do believe I'll be returning the favor. :-)

Wanda @ Just Vintage
Unknown said…
I love that cookbook, I totally would have bought it too!

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