Happy Sunday!

It's Sunday, and you know what that means.
It means I'm ready for more punishment
excited to see what is in store with
the second installment of Downton Abbey, Season 3.
Goodness knows we need some good TV to take our mind off of things in Colorado today!
While my husband watches yet more football, I'm getting busy with buttons.
I put together these vintage button-embellished cards for Valentine's Day;
they are new in my handmade shop.
What are you up to today?


Dee in N.H. said…
Love your sweet cards! And speaking of punishments, I'm doing some cooking and waiting for the Patriots game to come on. Can they win for my birthday?
Janet Ghio said…
love your button cards-hope you like Downton tonight. I think that Shirley is going back to America tonight.
You keep me in stitches, Laurie! I can see the steam coming from your ears when you talk about the infamous first episode of the new season!! Let's hope the season is as good as the first two.

I love your valentines and your buttons are without exception...thank you for sharing all this gorgeousness with us! Have a beautiful week, sweet friend.
Kathy said…
Love your button valentines!!
Our Seahawks are out, as well..... 8+(
Linda said…
your cards are so nice! those won't last long.

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