Getting in the pink

If you're looking for my Grow Your Blog 2013 party post, you can find it HERE.
Welcome to the new followers I've met during the blog hop!
I'm so glad you're here!
Isn't January flying by?
While working on my craft room reorganization, I uncovered some of my favorite Valentine decor
and I had to start putting it out!
This is a 3 inchie that Jeanelle made for me last year.
I love it like crazy, all over again.
I have already received my Valentine Spoolie from my swap partner who is a new friend to me, Cissy!
She also sent along some lovely little embellishments -- all in a hearts and flowers theme --
as well as a great little gift card with a spool on it!
I actually finished hers this afternoon, and will be putting it in the mail in the next day or two.
As soon as she receives it, I'll post photos!
I am loving Pinterest more than ever these days for inspiration.
For some reason, my Valentines board has become really popular.
If you pin, you're welcome to follow any of my boards;
I also don't mind if you pin stuff from my blog.


Createology said…
Lovely Valentine treasures. Your Spoolie is very fun. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
Kathy said…
Great treasures! You are putting me to shame. I haven't posted yet since the blog party AND I haven't learned about Pinterest yet. Can I buy an hour, please!!
kathyinozarks said…
I have been going threw my craft room this past week too-amazing what one can find.
my favorite is the little wool bird-you found some wonderful treasures-I love pinterest too from inspiration-have a wonderful day Kathy
Unknown said…
OHHH and AHHH. I love that box with the roses on it! Where did you find that display rack? I really like the way the clip/holders are turned. Super cute!

Anything you do is popular LOL

I love seeing all your goodies & ideas
Linda said…
what fun to get treasures and see them all over again. i love pinterest and wish i had more time to speand on updating.
Patty said…
Yes, Laurie, you have a fantastic Valentines board and I pinned some. Thanks for inspiring me tonight!
Tammy said…
Sounds like you are having lovely crafty times. Even more special when you can share it with friends. Love that little love bird inchie. So sweet! Have a great day. Tammy

Thanks for stopping by Laurie

My etsy shop has 4 pictures waiting to go live. I am trying to get 10 before I open my shop.
I need an entire day home by myself to get this done
In the evening I am just to stressed out after diner etc to work on it , after working 9 hours a day etc

believe me I will get it done

Thanks for all your encouragement and help
Unknown said…
Hi Laurie! I am your newest follower! So glad I found your lovely site!

God bless....Brooke
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