Hearts and flowers

I recently finished a pillow begun several weeks ago, made from some of my very favorite fabric which was a gift from Linda Sue; I've used most of it up, and will be on the lookout for more!
I added vintage trims and some pretty red buttons this time.
It's now in my shop and I hope it will make someone a nice Valentine!
I made a few of those, as well: Valentine hearts.
They are not finished yet -- they will need further embellishing.
Perhaps something sparkly.
They are not really "good" for anything--but making them makes me happy!


Your pillow is gorgeous and the fabric is scrumptious! The little hearts are great Valentines especially for those that can't tolerate flowers or chocolate.
Kathy said…
Well I think they would be perfect for displaying in a bowl for Valentines, giving as hostess gifts or wedding favors. They are sweet as can be.
Linda Sue said…
Well that was quick! some smart person already bought your beautiful pillow- What a SMART SMART person! Love the tinies as well! Busy girl!!!
autena said…
Love the large one! I admire your planning ahead skills!
Oh I do love the fabric on that pretty pillow and the way you embellished it. Your little hearts are just so sweet, and guaranteed to make someone very happy:-)
The pillow is so pretty but I must admit to being in love with those sweet little heart pillows! hugs, Linda
Your Hearts and Flowers make me very, very happy!
Have a beautiful week, dear Laurie
Oh, those little hearts are just so darling! I am so happy you will be joining my candy box swap.
Linda said…
it makes me happy to look at them. very pretty.
Your little hearts are beautiful.
Unknown said…
Looks like we have alot of the same interests and loves - vintage, handmade, linens, lace, and making great items. I stopped by through the Grow Your Blog event. Hope you stop by my blog as well.
Unknown said…
These are so beautiful, I love all the colors! I am a new follower!

God bless....Brooke

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