January, you were over too soon...

If you're looking for my Grow Your Blog 2013 party post, you can find it HERE.  Today is the last day to enter for the giveaway!  Winner will be announced tomorrow.
Finally, at the end of January we have some January-like weather.  Here are Maggie and Snoopy romping in the snow in the early morning light, yesterday.
This is what the sky looked like a bit later...that's Pike's Peak as seen from my office/craft room's window.  It's one of the things I truly love about Colorado: even when it's icy, it's usually sunny.
Since the below-freezing weather kept me in, again, I spent some time getting more stuff listed in my shops; above, some St. Patrick's Day tag fun in Leaves and Lace;
and, in Indulge Your Shelf, I'm parting with some of my 1880's scrapbook pages.
The one above is part of a set of two pages I'm selling together; among other great pieces, they have these fabulous "Seven Wonders of the World" trade cards that I have seen go for more than $12 each on eBay.  My set has all 7, but some of them are damaged -- so, the price is lower.
Not to mention this amazing, large, embossed scrapbook front and back cover in one piece -- which will make the most amazing cover for your next journal or album project!
I am enjoying myself and feeling very productive, but I still want to do so much more!  There just aren't enough hours in the day...


kathyinozarks said…
I love every thing, especially those hearts-I lived in colorado in the late 70s for a couple years-loved it there-lived and worked in Denver. I did go to the top of pikes peak back then-very steep-and very windy up there
Kathy said…
You can say that again! I always have way more ideas than time.
Love that album cover. It will make a fab base for a journal.
Linda said…
Love your little hearts. Feminine and pretty. Been cold here too.
autena said…
What an amazing view of the Rockies! I drove up Pike's Peak in a summer of my long-ago youth and was amused by the change in temperature from the bottom to the top.

The emerald green on the tags is so wonderful and the scrapbook covers are too.
Lydia said…
Dear Laurie,

You are so lucky to have such a gorgeous view from your home, let alone your office/work room!

Sorry I have not been commenting much lately. I am very appreciative of all your attention and comments. And a Happy New Year to you as well:)

Love the hearts:)

xo Lydia

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