I'm in the mood for love

Love is in the air -- or something.  I am really into Valentine's Day creating this year again.
I created this collage -- spontaneously, without planning.
I made it with layers of paper, ephemera, lace, trim, netting, ETC.  The centerpiece is a very old valentine with a honeycomb tissue ball; I love those!
The base is an old book cover; on the reverse, a cute, children's story end paper.
I think I will put it in my Etsy shop, and am planning to make many more.
My time has been impacted by a clean up project I started on New Year's Day: yes, it's once more time for the great craft room re-organization.  Beginning with (what else?) buttons!
A baby picture of Maggie
The thing that's keeping me motivated is the chance to get back to that Valentine's Day crafting!  What are you working on?


Kathy said…
I am still on the Etsy re-org and still working on clearing off the top of my workbench. I cannot believe I haven't even blogged in a whole week. I am SO ready to be finished and make something!!
Love what you have done - everything just looks so good together. What a lot of buttons you have!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

You are amazing, you can get more things done than anybody.
I am ashamed I haven't got my little treasure shop open yet! I need someone to hold my hand LOL (really)
while I work on it, or prod me with a hot iron LOl

love seeing all those buttons
Wendy said…
I too am re-organizing my studio, seems like that is a theme for most crafters after the holiday rush...your collage is beautiful...
Tammy said…
I was in the craft store yesterday looking at the new Valentine supplies and feeling like making Valnetine's. Love the collage! Happy cleaning! ;)
Tami Hacker said…
Laurie, you are SO creative! Sweet Valentine... thanks for sparking me to be Valentine inspired.
And I thought I had a lot of old buttons. I sure am glad you are one of my blogging friends. I love your Valentine that you made.
Linda said…
Out of town for a few days time to catch up. Beautiful collage, love the different items you used.
Pallas said…
Your Valentine collage is beautiful! I haven't created anything in a while. I sort of went through my sewing/craft/guest room to declutter, organize and make space. Also getting ready for company. But, your Valentine is a motivator.

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