O Christmas tree, jeweled Christmas tree...

Earlier in the season Rebecca and I went to a craft fair at a local high school, and there was one booth with the CUTEST little jeweled, framed Christmas trees!
The gal was nice enough to let me photograph them.  Sorry it's kind of blurry, but it was dark in that high school gym!
I know it's an older kind of craft (from the '60s and '70s) but she made them sweet -- not gaudy at all.  We were both SO inspired.
So, last week we made it happen.  I brought a bunch of my old, broken vintage jewelry, some velvet, glue,  old frames, and we sat in her dining room and made a forest of little trees!
It was so simple: first, we took a vintage frame and covered the backing with velvet.  We just glued it on.
Then, we took our time arranging bits and pieces of jewels into a Christmas tree shape.
When we were happy with the arrangement, we committed and glued the jewels down!  I love this avocado green velvet!
And then we did it again.  We had so much fun playing with all that bling!
The little one on the left is one I made (the glue is still drying...); the one on the right is one Rebecca made.  We are both kind of hooked and want to make more when we have some time!
The view of Pikes Peak from Rebecca's dining room window.
It was fun to make a forest in the forest!


Lisa said…
Oh! I love those sweet trees!
GardenOfDaisies said…
What marvelous little treasure trees you saw at the fair. And I bet it was really fun to make your own. LOVE these!
These are so pretty. I really like the small size and the vintage frames backed with velvet. Very creative!!
Linda said…
your trees are beautiful. i don't want to get hooked but feela new project coming on. i've been to the top of Pike's Peak and swore never again. i was so glad to gett to the bottom again, the relief was hugh. i wne there in June or July and it was snowing.
Kathy said…
A beautiful project! I have a little frame that would be perfect for that. I'm on vacation next week so i might actually find time to make one - what a novel idea!
I have a couple of vintage tree pictures. Making one has been on my list of things I want to make. Your trees are adorable. I bet they were fun to make.

autena said…
What an amazing idea! I love them--too cute! Great way to use up those odds and ends.
These are so cute! The large ones are always interesting, but I love the smaller ones for display.
Tammy said…
What a fabulous project! I love how they turned out--so cute!!
Unknown said…
These are gorgeous. What type of glue did you use?
Mariah said…
What was the at the range of pricing at the craft fair?

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