Thrifty goodness part 2: textiles

Even though this linen towel had some stains, it is the kind of thing that makes me so happy!
I just love the key motif, especially; I also love the combination of avocado green and the pinks!
I got all of these from that gal whose booth is now closing at an antique store -- this flower, and the linen, and...
this beautiful red rose hankie -- old but brand new -- and these wonderful Lucite buttons!
Aren't they sparkly?
At an estate sale, I had to come home with this beautifully embellished hankie (above); isn't it swirly?
It must have been a 'blue' day that day, because I found this really fun souvenir pillow cover with old-time views of Colorado Springs landmarks; its silky ruffle and bow are in remarkable condition for its age!  My master bedroom is blue and white so I'm always attracted to that color combination.
On the left, a thrift store find of feedsack fabric; on the left, blue burlap from the '70s I found at a garage sale!
You know how I feel about Vera scarves, right?  This one is so 'mod squad' and paisley and FUN, isn't it?
Another Vera find, now in my Etsy shop -- the bright, sunshine napkins (above, middle); plus a pretty pansy hankie and a really wonderful, long bell pull that has been hand worked in needlepoint with a marvelous bunch of birds.
Here's a pretty finished pillow front that has also gone into my shop.  I love its soft colors, and the contrast with the burlap-like, rough fabric.
What do you think of the crocheted turtle (above)?  I couldn't resist it, or the rest of these hand made laces and doilies, from an estate sale!
The "R" is for Jeanelle, who collects that letter; it's a large (~4") monogram on an old piece of cotton that is about 6' long (but narrow.)  I love shopping for my friends!
Speaking of monograms: what do you think this one is?  I thought maybe a very fancy N, or...?  Maybe two letters -- a T and and N? Whatever it is, it is very pretty -- and very old.  I found it at a thrift store...
along with these two double damask pieces.  I like to buy these for their weight and use them to back pillows I create; lately, I've been using them to make pages of fabric books, too!
At an estate sale I picked up four of these lovely "pocket" shams in the softest white cotton, with beautiful embroidery!
 And this beautiful baby smock...
for a little boy, with blue tatting on the collar and sleeves and sweet blue ribbon ties...sigh!
 A small bag of buttons from that estate sale...
 where the real joy of the purchase is in sorting through it, looking...
for button treasure!  I hope you enjoyed part 2; stay tuned for part 3!


I like all your finds especially the black button with rhinestones around it and the turtle is so cute never seen a crocheted turtle before

I hope to find treasures this Monday in St Louis Mo at the Gypsy Caravan show

wish you could come
Wendy said…
Some really great finds Lauri, but the turtle is my favorite. I have a daughter who would die for that little fellow! She collect turtles and actually has several real ones that she just loves.
Kathy said…
You and I would have a hard time shopping together because we have the same taste in vintage. Love it all. Big sigh.
Unknown said…
LOVE feedsack...That Mod vera scarf would be pretty with a little black dress...Could you turn the monogram upside down and it is a very ornate V? Otherwise I vote F and a v? That one is tricky....Great finds!
Linda said…
I thought I posted earlier today and now I don't see my comments. What did I do wrong? oh well. If you will be parting with the pansy hankie and the blue swirls hankie and the monogram N-I want them. love the sparkly button but then I pretty much like everything you purchased.
autena said…
Treasure is the right words for these beauties. Love that blue and white hanky and the turtle!
Dee in N.H. said…
Beautiful stuff!! The blue burlap and the hand crocheted items are fabulous!!
Dee in N.H. said…
Beautiful stuff!! The blue burlap and the hand crocheted items are fabulous!!

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