...And we shopped, too!

Did I mention that during Birdsong Two, Karla had an evening of shopping on the first night?
photo by Karla Nathan
It was a real treat, especially because we hadn't seemed to be having much luck at the local antique stores on the drive!  All the teachers -- Karla, Beth, and Lisa -- brought antique and vintage stuff to sell, and Karla sold some of her beautiful creations as well!
photo by Karla Nathan
Then -- a bonus: Debby from The Curious Sofa set up in the breezeway and we got to luxuriate in some of her beautiful wares!
I bought a cute little paper chatelaine piece from her...it's missing its tiny pen, but I loved it anyway!  So now, guess what I'll be on the lookout for?!
Then I found a tiny box of Dennison labels among her treasures -- and bought that, too!
Debby had been one of the teachers at last year's event, so it was great to see her again.
photo by Karla Nathan
My buddy Rebecca scored that lovely hydrangea print hanging to the left of the bubble glass-framed picture.  I feel so lucky that I get to see it now each time I visit her house!
I had so many favorite purchases that it's hard to pick just one to gush over: like, the antique edition of Cranford, above.  The funny thing is, I had just finished reading that book (after loving the PBS series) and had felt actual pain when I had to return the book to the library.  It was on my list of books to buy and so you can imagine how beyond-thrilled I was to get this beautiful copy!
But besides the book, I absolutely fell head over heels for this beautiful purse with the tattered, embroidered bird on it.
It is be-jeweled, with moonstone and green glass...
beautiful on the inside...
as well as the reverse.  I just love it!
The backdrop of some of these photos is a green tin ceiling tile...and here's a cute sweater clip, and a Peter Rabbit baby spoon.  I was teased about the spoon purchase, because I mentioned I had decorated my son's nursery in Beatrix Potter.  Someone asked me how old he is now, and I said almost 15 -- and for some reason they thought that was funny!  (He'll always be MY baby!)
This gorgeous "crown" was made by Karla!  Love!
Last but not least...I was really excited to buy this little box from Karla for a future project.  It's beautiful inside...
and so tattered!  I can't decide what I'm going to make from it...but last year at Birdsong I bought a box from her that I ended up collaging and giving to a friend for Christmas; so, who knows where this one will end up?
I'm linking up today with Sophie's Sunday blog party, Flea Market Finds.  So much Sunday goodness going on over there!


Dee in N.H. said…
Man, oh, man! You have some beautiful stuff! I wanna come play at your house! My two favorites are the gorgeous bird purse and the sweet tattered box!
Wendy said…
Swooning over here in rainy Alabama! My goodness Laurie, you have some amazing finds....Makes me wish I was closer to you gals so I could participate! Such lovely times had by friends. Have a great day!

ps/ I adore the sweater clip!
Lisa said…
Oh my gosh! I never even saw most of that stuff! Everyone swooped in so fast I'm sure there is a bunch of stuff I didn't see. I hope you enjoy it - oh I know you will!
Laurie, You really scored with all your amazing purchases! The little handbag has the most amazing crewel embroidery...the sweater clip and baby fork are precious...I think you will carry the crown beautifully...and I'm sure you'll absolutely treasure Cranford. How generous of all the instructors to share their vintage treasures!
Beth Leintz said…
I know I shouldn't be too surprised by anything you bought since I helped write up the ticket- but you did GOOD- love that purse, and the chatelaine- wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do with that box.
Lynn Holland said…
Ive just popped over from Button Floozies blog where I am one of the new article writers. I love all your stuff and wish I had been there.
Pop over to my blog to see what goodies I've found on Todmorden secondhand Market.
I will be looking in regularly now to see what you are up to.
Best wishes
One I Made Earlier Today
andrea creates said…
these are great finds~ love the clasp purses-such details!
Maggie said…
WOW! That's what I have to say about that embroidered little purse. It is just so exquisite--every little detail. What a glorious time you must have had at Karla's event.

I'm truly hoping to get to go to one in the future (all the way from Portland, OR), since my daughter is planning on attending KU in a year. Looks like a fun bunch gets together at Birdsong! It's been great reading about it on your blog.
Oh my goodness, what a feast for my eyes. Love everything here especially that gorgeous purse with so much vintage charm. The chatelaine is so charming and unique. Thanks for sharing your beautiful treasures.
Love all of the little purses and millinery~

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