Birdsong Two: Karla's Woodland Sprite class

For the second Birdsong Two class, we were presented this kit full of supplies -- including the all-important chocolate!
We used wire screening and masking tape to create a little mushroom; then, we  tore up ephemera to paper maiche over it.
It was so much fun!  We glittered the mushroom's cap, and then started building a little woodland scene under it with bark, moss, flowers...
and a winged sprite, which we made from a frozen Charlotte.  I made mine hover in the air by suspending her on a wire.
With lavender buds sprinkled on the moss, it smells as sweet as it looks!
I really love it!
Do you want to see some of the wonderful gifts we received in our sponsor packages?
This pile of goodies was waiting for us at each place...
decorated with a tag Karla made, bedazzled with a homegrown four-leaf clover!
Included were ephemera, supplies, buttons, a necklace, and all kinds of wonderful stuff!
Karla had a drawing to give away prizes -- with everyone winning -- and some of the other gals in attendance gave out gifts, too!  There was a handmade flower brooch, a candle...
and a box of beautiful preserved rosebuds!  Yes -- we were spoiled!


Oh MY gosh, how fun was that ?

That looks so pretty and fun I really want to join in a get together like that sometime

I don't have the talent to create anything as pretty as you did

love seeing your pictures of what all you got to do
Kathy said…
Beyond spoiled,!!

BTW... I just noticed your note in the comment window about allowing your email address. Putting it there is a really great idea. I feel so frustrated when someone leaves a comment and I can't reply back to them. I hope you won't mind if I borrow that idea?
Wendy said…
Oh my goodness! What a great way to be spoiled! You ladies were really treated like queens while there! Your little sprite is so cute.
Linda said…
Mushroom fairy is charming, what a good idea. The rosebuds are certainly beautiful and full of possibilities.
Beth Leintz said…
Speaking of sponsor gifts, I started reading Etsy 101. I knew there was a lot I didn't know about Etsy- I think the book is going to be really helpful.

Actually, just hearing your tip about tags was helpful.
That is truly wonderful stuff! Love that Sprite and mushroom!
Claudia said…
Glad you had a good time. I love what you created as well as your gifts (that you gave and received). Love your blog.
Becs said…
Looks like you had an amazing time!!!! I love your sprite scene. It's adorable!!! Becs
Love that little sprite! Please keep sharing the fun!
Anonymous said…
I love that glue bottle...such a simple but lovely touch!
Connie said…
Looks like you had a great time. Love the chatelaine and the embroidered bird is precious!

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