Birdsong Two: my swaps

Oh, the swaps are always so much fun!  In previous posts I showed you what I made, and here's what I received:
Here are the letters I received in the "Sing" Banner swap, which I hosted.  I haven't assembled it yet, but when I do I will clip it to ribbon with tiny paper clips!
The "S" was done by Carol Ward -- I love the pearls and the background that reminds me of Karla's kitchen ceiling!
You probably remember that I made the "I".
The "N" was by Lynn Conley, one of the Iowa girls.  That letter is so pretty, and I love the lace wing.
Tami did "G" -- love the vintage blooms, buttons, and the green of the ribbon!
 And here we all are, holding our letters: Carol, me, Lyn, and Tami.
 Here are the other swap groups...
 holding up their letters!

Next: the matchbox swap.  We were randomly paired with someone, and my partner turned out to be Carol Ward again!  She did a beautiful box -- just gorgeous colors and I love the combination of pink and green and all the sparkle!
She filled it with beautiful goodies, and different ones than I usually get so it was a real treat!
There was copper wire on a thimble, and a beautiful framed pendants, and all the pretty embellishments!
This little box is full of tiny colored pencils -- it is so darn cute!
I think my favorite piece was this beautiful carved button on a pendant (swoon!)
Here is the wonderful necklace I received in the charm swap!  I just adore all the varied charms each gal contributed!
I was thinking that I might separate the necklace out at some point; I would like to put all the square charms on one necklace, and then made a second necklace out of the others.  If I do -- I will show you when they're done.  For now I just love to look at it and remember all the fun!


Wendy said…
Wow what great treasures Laurie, I cannot wait to see your sing banner finished up. And your necklace is just beautiful! I especially love the peacock charm as I collect them! Have a great day!
Linda said…
Beautiful goodies, what fun. Guess I would have been surprised if they weren't beautiful and you took wonderful, beautiful things with you. Looks like you are having fun in the pictures. Make it a beautiful day :).
Absolutely beautiful and you are so lucky that you can get in on all that great birdsong stuff with Karla. The letters for the banner are fabulous! I love banners!
Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie, thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty that you have both made and received in this amazing group you ladies belong to. I wish so badly I had the time to partake in such whimsical adventures. Hugs to you always, my lovely friend. Mina
Kathy said…
Oh so beautiful! It is hard to imagine getting down to the business of creating with that amazing eye candy everywhere you look!
Dee in N.H. said…
Oh my big heavenly sigh! Gorgeous....Thank you so, so much for sharing your weekend with us!b WOW!

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