Tin full of treasure

I recently attended a garage sale held by an antique dealer who was liquidating her stock; among the things I picked up that morning was this cute, old handled tin full of sewing stuff!

She sold it to me full of its contents for one low price.  Going through it when I went home was like seeing what was in a grab bag.  (If you don't get excited by sewing stuff and/or ephemera, you might want to skip the rest of this post...)

See that wonderful, bright pink/magenta velvet box?

It's a satin-lined rosary box, and contained these sparkly old buttons!

Then there was a stack of progress report cards, the size of index cards, with really funny (I thought) notations;

they're from 1933.

 The rest of the stuff was what you would expect -- old sewing notions, some in wonderful old containers.

 This apple is a tape measure -- you pull out the leaf to get it started!

Here are two varieties of safety pins -- I've never seen either type before; aren't they cool?

I really like these wooden darning items -- especially the black painted one with the decorative plate!  And a cute little round pin keep, too.

Crochet needles coming out of my ears, in all different sizes!

And more, with some other needle-like contraptions (I think one may be a felting tool...) and even a couple of lollipop sticks made of paper!

 A cute wooden thread holder; the biggest needle I've ever seen (and dull!), and a traveler's sewing kit, plus...

this cute wooden weaving loom!

 Here's what was inside the sewing kit -- it's a hosiery mending kit!

Cute little ad from the giver -- the Typewriter Man!  Can't you just see him see him going office to office, treating the front desk ladies with these little gifts?

Scissors, one pair made in Germany, plus something that looks like a paint can opener...and then those long skinny tubes that expand a little...I have no idea what they are, do you?

 Finally -- the most wonderful chatelaine, made by hand with crazy quilting stitches!

 There's a pincushion...

 a needle case...

a thimble holder...

and a scissor holder, with the sweet snippers still intact!

If you've read this far, thank you for poking through my tin with me!  I'm linking up once again with:


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sassypackrat said…
What wonderful finds! I love old sewing things.
barb cabot said…
Laurie don't you wonder about all the little stories behind these treasures...things that were made by hand with these tools...they were meant for you to discover and own. I'm thrilled at the treasure chest you bought. Delightful find.
Reneesance said…
That chatalaine! To die for I love it. The expanding metal tubes look like the binders for little booklets? I've seen similar things used to bind recipe books, usually from a small press operation for a church or ladies auxiliary.

What a great find I LOVE vintage sewing ephemera.
sylviesgarden said…
Oh you lucky thing!!!! The tin and it's contents are such a joy, so many lovely things.
Wow! What a wonderful find! Isn't it fun to poke through a box full of unknown treasures? That is such a fun part of the hunt. Those buttons are beauties. Good for you. ; )
Linda Sue said…
SCORED BIG TIME! Wow all of it -makes a sewer drool and lust after and yearn for days when hand stitchery by the radio in the evening after the supper dishes have been washed and sent to the cupboard, children in bed , house all to self- were as common as the setting sun. Lovely score, my dearest - and in such good hands!
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful tin of goodies! My favorite is the little apple tape measure. So cute!
Alyssa said…
What a treasure trove, Laurie! I really love the apple tape measure, safety pins, and old buttons. And that chatelaine is so very cool.
What fun to go through and find all those vintage items.
deb said…
OMG! SUch eye candy!! You are one lucky lady to get all these cool things.
The paint can opener thingy is a screwdriver, I'm pretty sure.
My Mom kept one exactly like it in her sewing machine, which is next to my computer right now!!LOL
At least that is what she used it for...her sewing machine. She may have used it to change attachements.

Pam Kessler said…
Wow, what great finds. I love those safety pins - very architectural or maybe mechanical looking. Same with the scissors.
Angela said…
Treasure is RIGHT! Love that tin, to start with! :o)
I love a treasure in a treasure, Wow,I love sewing stuff and this was a real haul!! Congratulations!

Soooo many wonderful treasures...my favorite one is that cute apple tape measure!

Karena said…
A treasure indeed.... I am with Linda adore the fun apple tape measure!

Come and see my latest find! Would love your thoughts....

Art by Karena
Christine said…
Oh, I can just see you open this tin and taking everything out, one at a time! Love it!!!
Sherri said…
REALLY neat items! I even love the tin. What a great find.
Hi, Laurie! you won my October giveaway! I'll bring it to Silver Bella, see you there soon.

Vanessa said…
Love the tin full of treasure, apple tape measurer...and really, everything else! Amazing bits you've unearthed! :)
KayC. said…
What a wonderful tin, full of treaures! Thanks for sharing.
Pretty Things said…
I love it all! I WANT it all! :-)

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