Beyond fun: hats, Joy Within, Josephine's Jewels, and the Tea Cup Fairy; or, the last of my Silver Bella posts

The Friday night of Silver Bella was the night of the Vendor Fair, and time for us to break out our great Silver Bella hats.  I bought mine from a local Colorado artist, and added my beautiful studio button to it for some extra fun:

Suz and me
with the original Bella, Teresa McFayden and Suzanne from Colorado
with my new BFF (I wish!) Miss Lynn

Suzanne's button-covered shoes!!

I had to photograph Denise Nelson's amazing hat...

from all angles!

Look at all those fabulous hats!  It was so much fun!  The vendor night was so wonderful, too: you know how when you go to a regular art show and you find maybe two or three booths that have stuff you love?  Well, Silver Bella vendor night had a whole room full of only those great booths!  Beautiful stuff!

Here are the other three class projects I made at Silver Bella:

"Joy Within", where instructor Lisa Kaus taught us to make a collage; I brought along the papers and found objects like the little crown, the watch, the fountain pen nib, and the key.   I enjoyed trying new methods and stretching myself a bit!

This was Josephine's Jewels, taught by Kaari Meng, where I made a bracelet in my first ever foray into making jewelry!

We were given all these beautiful jewels and pieces from the instructor's line, French General.  She was a great teacher! 
That's Miss Lynn's sister Karla on the left
My finished bracelet -- I had so much fun that I decided to buy the matching necklace and make it myself at home.
My final class was great -- it was Teacup Fairy with Beth Quinn, where I took all of this...

 and created a beautiful tea cup fairy!  It was SO MUCH FUN! 

My fairy back at home with some of my other Silver Bella belongings

After the last class, we had a lovely dinner with guest speaker Jenny Doh.  You can read the transcript of her talk to us, on creativity and real life, on her blog here.

Then, it was over.  Lots of gals left Saturday night, but I stayed another night.  Sunday, I had breakfast with my buddy Suzanne . After that, all I could do was pack up and leave.  Which sounds easier than it was!

Just some of the stuff I didn't come with that I had to get home!
I think I did a pretty amazing job of getting everything packed and home safely!
Thanks, everyone, for bearing with me as I downloaded all this beauty and inspiration from my brain to my blog, trying to get it all down and express to you the momentousness of the experience that was...Silver Bella!


Christine said…
I love everything!!! Your hat is beautiful and the top at--amazing!!! I really like your jewelery piece. I bought a few things to make some jewelery while I was in Utah but haven't gotten a chance to do it yet.

Your collage piece is beautiful. I have really been enjoying collage work ever since I went to Brave Girls.

However, my favorite is the tea cup fairy, of course! I'm definately running with that idea! I just saw Karla's teacup fairy as well.

I'm so jealous that you got to go home with all these goodies. Be sure to post your neclace when you finish it!
Angela Catirina said…
My other obsession - vintage hats!! What fun!!

And those shoes reminded me of a pair of Converse high tops I made in high school. I got a bunch of fabric glue and covered them in about 20 pounds of beads.
Jamie said…
I love everything, but the thing I love the most is seeing you Sweet Friend. And I love that you had such a wonderful time. I love the excitement in your post. You make me excited and happy for you. Wonderful my Friend. Love, Jamie
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had such a special time!
Lydia said…
So much beauty and fun! Such a lucky gal. Just jealous. Thank you for sharing so much.wink, wink.:)

My house is a wreck, and I get to bits and pieces here and there. So wanting to dabble in everything these days!


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