Irresistible linens

The thrifting's been good lately, and I'm going to try to schedule some more thrifty find posts to amuse you while I'm away and offline at Silver Bella!  (I've decided not to bring along my laptop -- because the schedule's so packed I can't imagine having any time to get online anyway!)  Let's start with some linen love:

I have a wonderful little collection of Christmas tablecloths, but this one was irresistible because of its pastel palette!

I found two very different hand towels, too: one that is heavily embroidered, and the other that is screen-printed in that cute '50's style:

I also found this linen, 1964 calendar towel (my birth year); I've been wanting a Vera one, but haven't been able to find one so I settled.  It's cute, though, isn't it?

I found this beautiful hankie from the Pan Pacific Expo of 1915 in my hometown, San Francisco, at an antique store, but it was at a thrift store price!

More hand towels -- I just loved the appliqued detail on these!  And the coral/pink/neutral colored one, especially!

Check out the hand work on this sweet "Home Sweet Home" sampler.

Speaking of handwork: the above rug is completely done in needlepoint, by hand, including all the golden yellow.  Isn't it incredible?  It's about 4 ft. x 3 ft. and was $10, and after I figure out how to launder it, I think it will go on my bedroom floor, although I'm not sure if I will be able to bring myself to walk on it!

Last but not least: who could resist this terrier?  So simple, yet he has so much character!

I'm joining in with these fun link parties -- go check them out to see what everyone else has found at their thrift stores:


Jingle said…
These are absolutely fabulous! I love those old fabric calendars!
That is a great little collection.
Alyssa said…
Oh that Christmas fabric! I love it. Wonderful finds!
Christine said…
Gasp!!! I am totally in love with that Christmas table cloth. I decorate my kitchen in pink and blue for the holidays of course and this would be so perfect!!! If you ever decide to put it in your shop, let me know.
Jeanne said…
What a great collection of lovely vintage linens. I love the needlepoint rug. Beautiful. Use Woolite with cold water to wash it. Don't dry it in the dryer. Don't 'wash' it just let it soak, then rinse with cold water. Drip dry.

Hugs, Jeanne
I am very jealous! You found THE vintage Christmas table cloth I've been searching for. Pink and Blue and vintage, just like my Christmas decorations. I love it! So wish I could find one, I found a neat all blue one a few years ago with dark blue poinsettias on it. Very unusual but nothing like your find. It is most definitely perfect! Thanks for sharing!
Vintiquities Workshop
Angela said…
Oh my gosh, I LOVE that Christmas table cloth! That is SO lovely!
I like your Year calendar! :o)
KC said…
Beautiful hand towels. The Christmas ones are so festive, especially the tree with the cross-stitching.

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