My Blogaversary *AND* my 500th post are coming up soon!

That little counter in the right sidebar that ticks away the days to my blogaversary tells me it's coming up in two weeks!
My blog will be two years old and not only that, I've just about reached 500 posts, too!  I'm excited about both of those milestones and would like to celebrate with everyone who reads this blog.

 Yes, I'm talking about a giveaway!

How to get the giveaway gift:
  • If you're a follower, "old" or brand new, just comment on this post and say hello!  That is your first entry!
  • Then, every comment on every post between now and December 10 at 11:59 PM will get an automatic entry - no need to mention the giveaway!
I'll choose the winner by a drawing of names and announce it on December 11.

Bonus: currently, 183 friends follow this blog, but I would love reach an even 200 followers. So, if by the time this contest ends, I have at least 200 followers, I will give away a second gift (and it's a surprise!)

So, recommend my blog to friends you think would like it, and then there will be two winners!

I gave a lot of thought to what I'd like to give away to you.  There's really nothing I own that can give back what you all give to me by visiting me here like you do.
I've learned that bloggers and blog readers are some of the kindest, most generous and open-hearted people there are!

Some of you have become great friends, 'though we've never met in real life.  Others I have had a chance to meet, and you're just as much fun in person as you have been on line!

I enjoy each and every comment, and the conversations we have had as a result.  I've loved reading your blogs, and learning from you, and being inspired by you.

First, I knew I wanted to give away something I made myself, and so, just for this giveaway I created a journal.

The front and back covers are from a vintage book, in warm coral and pink tones,
to which I added a fashion plate picture
I embellished the front with a big piece of bling, and vintage seam bindings and lace.

Inside, there are 14 leaves, for a total of 28 pages.
One side of each page is decorated with vintage and antique papers
to inspire your thoughts - or photos - or whatever you'd like to fill them with.

  'Just about every bit of it is an antique or vintage original piece from my ephemera collection.
 'Though I have added a few newer embellishments,  and scans of antique originals, here and there.)
  But mostly you'll see original pieces, for an overall "old" feeling.

 There is plenty of space for writing...
 and places to slip things in,
  or tie them on...

 and extra pages to open up...
 and write inside of...
 or decorate as you like!

Plus: the rings are large enough that you can add your own additional pages if you want to!

I put many hours into this journal and I can't wait to send it off to one of you!

But, I also wanted to be able to treat you to something you really, I'm adding to this giveaway a gift card in the amount of US $25, to the store of your choice!  (Note: it must be a store that I can purchase a giftcard from online.  Some suggestions are:, or, or, etc. )

Thank you everyone for being here, for being a friend, and for helping me to celebrate
2 years
500 posts!

Remember, comment along in the coming days and you may mark the day of my blogaversary with a gift from me!

Thank you to The Graphics Fairy for all the cute antique pictures and photos at the beginning of this post!


~~ Happy Blogaversary! Two years is wonderful! Also congrats for heading to that big 500th post! I am happy to be a follower of your wonderful blog. I love this journal and would be honored if I won! Congrats and I hope you can reach 200 followers also!!

Marion said…
Happy Blog Anniversary! I love your blog and get some great ideas from you. Thank you for sharing so generously.


Linda Sue said…
GEEZ Laurie! Generous much??? WOW! You are in giving mode (as always) Your journal is a desire able creation of beauty and the lucky winner best not post her address...just sayin'.
So glad you got to participate in the Bella thing- heaven!So amazingly creative and beautiful! Worth any price I would say.
Bunty said…
Congratulations Laurie on both counts - 500 blog posts is lots of posts! I would love to win your beautiful journal - who wouldn't? I am already a follower and keen blog friend (I hope!), so fingers crossed for a chance of winning.

Barbara :)
meeyeehere said…
Happy 500 post!!!!!!!!! i am a new follower number 185,thats me. Please count me in too!
Hey,come by and follow my blog too please.
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Lovely giveaway! Generous too! Love to win! But then, I am already a winner when I read your blog and have you for a friend! Yea!
Christine said…
Oh, this is lovely! I would love to have something handmade by you!!!

Not sure if I'm a follower but if not, I will be soon!!!
Nancy said…
Wow! 500 posts! Very cool! (Hmm...I should see how many I've made! *lol*)
And what a sweet giveaway! Thanks for offering it to us!
Lilbitbrit said…
Congratulations on 500 posts and your anniversary.

I would love to enter your giveaway; which is just soo creative.

Yes I agree bloglanders are very generous and fun to interact with.

Lil Bit Brit
dawt said…
I'm fairly new to your site and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Happy anniversary, two years on-line anywhere is quite the feat!
titancia said…
Happy Blogiversary! What a wonderful journal you made. It will be an honor for anyone to bring it into their home.
Angela said…
Congratulations! Wow, 500 posts in 2 years! :o) I love reading your posts, thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway! :o)
Jingle said…
First of all, congratulations on your amazing milestones! That is so exciting! Your post is really so sweet! You are such a wonderful blogger! Thanks for being here!
Unknown said…
hey, such a pretty giveaway!
please enter me!
Alyssa said…
Congratulations Laurie! That's a great number to reach. I realized that although I read your blog, I never followed, so I've added you to my friends. :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on nearing your 500th post!

I wanted to thank you for the first lovey graphic! She is most beautiful! I know how difficult it is to gain followers ... I would be happy to follow you, if you follow me! :)))
Unknown said…
Wow! Congratulations! 500 posts and 2 years is quite a milestone! Isn't it so much fun having a blog and meeting new people with similar interests, whom inspire us and cheer us on. I love it! Congratulations sweetie! I love your avatar and the photos below. You are tooo cute!

Your journal is awesome! I love all of the details you added. What a treat!
Unknown said…
Look! I'm 188! Yay 12 more to go! I'll blog about your giveaway and see if we can't round up a few more for ya'. =)
Unknown said…
Congratulations...lots of time and energy:) Would love to have my name to be a follower as well!
Lotus said…
Two years and 500 posts?!? Two milestones nearly at once! Very cool! I am a new follower (via Art and Inspirations blog!) and would love to be included for a chance of winning the wonderful journal!
Thank you!
andrea creates said…
what a beautiful inspiring journal!
Pallas said…
Congratulations on your blogging milestone. Please enter my name for your generous give away. The journal is amazing, and I can already see myself adding secrets to the lovely pages. And, a gift card added to the journal as part of the give away is beyond generous. (I found your blog through Button Floozies - I'm a Floozie too.)
Wendy said…
Congrats on both events Lauri! I don't always comment but I do come by everyday to check out your great finds and what you are up to. I love the journal you made. You have such talent. I have been following you for over a year and I have so enjoyed reading your blog and gleaning ideas from you. May you reach 1000 posts soon and have many more years of great blogging ahead of you.
Jenny said…
Wow! Add me in! This is an amazing giveaway!
Cindy said…
Happy Blogevasery!! You are having a really amazing giveaway and I'm so glad I'm a follower.

Hugs XX
AllThingsHomey said…
I happened to see you listed on another blog list and was drawn to your name "Sprinkle' which is my makiden anme. I love your blog. It must be in the genes - we love the same things.
Congratulations of a job well done in JUST two years.
Terri Gordon said…
Hell and Congratulations, what a wonderful giveaway, thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a wonderful week. I enjoy visiting your beautiful blog. Terri
Anonymous said…
Happy 2nd Blogiversary! I know I have only recently found you but I enjoy our visits.

I've long been a journal writer and am just beginning to create and alter them. You are an inspiration.
Enjoy your posts and I am a button collector and have been for many years.. Have every kind of button imaginable.. Got tons of wooden buttons in round glass jars with lid on bottom.. How do I send a picture.
I love buttons, buttons, buttons.!!!
Birgit said…
Congrats on those milestones! :)

You are now up to 193 followers -- way to go!!! In no time you will have 200 followers for sure. :)

Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful journal -- it's so very pretty and definitely inspiring.

Greetings from Germany,
billi said…
I have followed you for a few weeks and as a new blogger you are an inspiration. You are so creative!!
Lydia said…
Wow- what a generous and beautiful giveaway! You have tons of energy! Wonderfully inspiring blog:)

I want to have one soon too. But, I must get back into the rhythm of my blogging- as have been so erratic lately- with good reason.

xoxoxo Lydia
Karen Denson said…
2 years. Wow that's awesome. I am a new follower and I love your blog. Lots of fun stuff and beautiful photos. The journal you made is fantastic. Something I would absolutely love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.
Anonymous said…
Happy Blogaversary
Happy Blogaversary
Happy Blogaversary
Haaaappy Blogaversaaaary!!!!!
What an accomplishment!
Laura said…
Oh wow-what a piece of hard work you are giving away! I love it :) It's my blogiversary too! so funny we've been at the same amount of time-congratulations!
Tammy said…
Congratulations on 500 posts! Wow, that's an inspiration!
Nelly said…
Hi from Pennsylvania. Congrats on your 500 posts and 2 year anniversary. You're so generous in giving away $25 gift card and that awesome journal!! Love your blog.

Connie said…
What a fantastic giveaway Laurie! Pick me! Pick me!
Betty said…
I'm follower number 198, only two more to go!!
Kathy said…
Great giveaway. Please enter my name.

Happy Blogaversary!!


katkiley @ aol .com
Anonymous said…
Happy Blogaversary! I enjoy all your thrifty finds!
Into Vintage said…
Congrats on your blogging milestones!

The journal you're created is so beautiful and will be such a wonderful memento of you & your blog for whomever is the *lucky* winner.

I hope I am *lucky!* Thank you for this generous giveaway.
pineapple_ing said…
Hi Laurie, Congratulations on over500 posts in two years. Wow! I have a blog but don't use it much. I think I've just become your 201 Follower.. so congrats to that too. I was sent to your blog from my friend Connie in CO. She says "pick me, pick me" lol! But.. I also would like to try my luck at your fine give-away. When I visit blogs.. I don't always leave comments. I just ooh and aaw at all the talent and creations. Keep up your beautiful works. ~Ing
Micki said…
Happy Blog Anniversary! I love that journal, and I can see the work that went into it.
Thanks for the chance to win!

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