Thanksgiving musings

  • Am I the only person who decides each year not to eat lunch because it will spoil the earlier dinner, and then is starving when the turkey/casserole/guests take longer than usual? And then continues to starve, afraid to eat and spoil my appetite for dinner?
  • I have decided that the people who make the cans of mixed cocktail nuts throw in those big Brazil nuts just to (a) take up room, or (b) because they know once you eat one, you'll immediately need to eat a bunch of other nuts to get the taste out of your mouth, therefore ingesting more nuts.  Either way, it's a conspiracy.
  • Why do I always leave the Thanksgiving table vowing next year to include a dish with some garlic in it?  And then forget this vow for exactly 365 days?
  • My last several turkeys have had no wish bones in them.  What is up with that?

I hope you have had a lovely day and meal, surrounded by loved ones and feeling grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving!


billi said…
You are so right. I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees Brazil nuts as part of a sales scheme. And yes every year I plan to include something the next year that I always forget, mine is more vegetables. Happy Thanksgiving
Christine said…
I had a slimfast this morning so I wouldn't ruin my appetite but I like the brazil nuts. Not that I would want to eat a whole bag of em, but I like them!

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!!

Micki said…
I eat breakfast, skip lunch and then have the big meal for dinner.

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